Southeast Texas Christian Book Review: The Five Love Languages

Southeast Texas Christian Book Review – The Five Love Languages

Today’s Southeast Texas Christian Book Review is for a classic that has been credited by many Southeast Texas married couples with providing valuable insight on their relationships: The Five Love Languages.

Ever wonder why it makes your husband so happy for you to just sit on the couch with him and watch The Game, but he doesn’t get it when you are upset when he doesn’t celebrate your anniversary with gift giving?

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Of course not. Why would you expect your husband to understand you if you tried to communicate with him in a way that he does not comprehend?

We all have a modus operandi and to naturally communicate within that scope of expression as our go-to form. If we feel love through receiving gifts, we probably try to show love by giving gifts- but that doesn’t always meet our partner’s needs.

We don’t often stop to consider some else’s way of giving and receiving affection before we engage them.

Gary Chapman explains this in a very easy read in The Five Love Languages.

Fill your spouse’s love tank by relating to him via his own love language, and get your own love tank filled by your spouse as he learns your love language. Read it together with your fiancé or husband to understand a deeper level of expressing meaningful love within your relationship.

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After you’ve fixed your marriage, pick up a copy of The Five Love Languages for Teenagers to connect with your child.

This information can change your life and your relationships forever.

Here’s a quick intro. The five love languages are:


Acts of Service

Physical Touch

Words of Affirmation

Quality Time

Understanding how your spouse receives love is invaluable – and will save you a lot of time and stress in your marriage.

We hope you’ve enjoyed today’s Southeast Texas Christian book review.

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