Southeast Texas Christian Book Review: “Grace for the Widow” by Joyce Rogers

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Grace for the Widow

Many Southeast Texas women outlive their husbands.Joyce Rogers Grace for the Widow SETX

Many women in the Golden Triangle have their identity closely tied to that of their husbands.

As wife of one of America’s most popular pastors, Adrian Rogers, Joyce certainly fell into a similar category.

Joyce Rogers has been navigating the often shadowed paths of widowhood since late 2005 when her husband of fifty-four years passed away.

Grace for the Widow is her personal story of how God will hold a widow’s hand on this journey through her fog of loss.

Joyce’s insights on rediscovering life as a widow address both the theological and practical.

Rogers is able to speak about her grief with a touching detail that most women never do. In Southeast Texas there is a tendancy to bottle our feelings and say, “I’ll be alright”.

In “Grace for the Widow”, Joyce speaks about how she called on the Lord and His promises from Scripture for strength.

She also encourages readers with useful tips on staying healthy (strong body – strong mind- strong spirit), keeping a positive attitude, reaching out to friends, and recognizing God’s continuing plan for those who have lost their beloved spouse.

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