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My husband and I were recently talking about how important it is to use the gifts you have been  given, to serve God in real life, not just inside the walls of the church.    And, that’s exactly what five musicians are doing, week after week, in local nursing and retirement facilities, community centers and churches.

The Altus Brothers, as they have officially named themselves, are entertaining residents of local  facilities, with good old fashioned Country and Gospel music, and the residents are loving it!

David Slaughter, Britt Godwin, Darin Sasser, Danny Viator, and Ted Slaughter make up the Altus Brothers and all but one, work for Altus Hospice and Home Care as professionals.    The youngest member, Ted, is a Worship Leader, but volunteers with Altus for the sole purpose of sharing his gift of music with the community.

Altus Brothers 2

Altus Brothers sharing music ministry with Southeast Texas seniors

By trade,  these men are all professionals with various roles and titles.   But, when they get together as musicians, sharing their gifts and talents, they are all equally just men, ministering to these special people who need and deserve quality entertainment.

Whether it’s Elvis, Johnny Cash or good old fashioned gospel songs, when the Altus Brothers start to sing, you can see the joy on the resident’s faces.   These are songs from their past; songs that take them back to an earlier time in life, when they were younger and at home with their families.

Some of them sing along and some will even get up and dance.   I’ve even seen some close their eyes, lift their hands, and praise their Lord, when they hear a song that takes them back to their days in church.

Altus Brothers 1

Altus Brothers live at a Southeast Texas nursing home

The Altus Brothers have amazing talent, and it’s no wonder!

Darin Sasser toured with a Christian contemporary band – Among Thorns for over 10 years and served as a worship leader for 3 years at a local church.   He and his wife, Terry, minister to young folks through Over Everest Ministries.  Darin has the heart of a minister, but is amazingly talented in the musical arena, as well.

Britt Godwin has been on the road, singing and playing, since he was 15 years old, and traveled the world with Tracy Byrd, as his lead guitarist for many years.   But closer to home, Britt has his own amazingly talented band, BB and Company, which brings classic country to the community every week.    And, as if that wasn’t enough, he is the lead singer for an amazing orchestra called The Remember When Orchestra, in which Britt brings Big Band hits back to the stage.    He’s perfomed on the floor of the Grand Old Opry, but decided to bring live, classic country music back to Beaumont.   And, we’re so glad he did!

Danny Viator played in a Christian Band called Wayfare for 4 years and served on the worship team at a local church for 10 years.  He and his wife have served as Marriage Pastors for many years, and Danny as a Youth Pastor, as well.     Danny plays drums for the Altus Brothers.

David Slaughter has had an instrument in his hand since Jr. High and can sight read just about anything you put in front of him.    But, not only does he play anything Bass, he has an incredible bass voice, which all the older ladies seem to appreciate!    David once had a Gospel quartet, called The Believers, and has continued to minister through music at his local church and through The Altus Brothers.

The youngest member of the band, Ted Slaughter, has grown up on Southern Gospel and country music, but his heart is truly given to Worship music.   He started playing the electric guitar around the age of 12 and has served in the local church since then.    Ted is currently serving and using his gift as a Worship Leader at several different churches from here to Baytown, even traveling with area musicians, when the opportunity arises.   In addition to playing lead guitar, he has an amazing voice and is a talented composer as well.

All in all, this is a group that loves what they do – professionally and ministerially – but all of what they do revolves around making people happy and showing them that they are loved and not forgotten.

Altus Brothers 3

Altus Brothers – Southeast Texas Senior Ministry

I believe you will hear more and more from The Altus Brothers in the future.

If you have a loved one in a local facility, ask the Social Director if she’s booked these guys yet.

They will make your day!

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Senior ministry is one of the most impactful outreach programs of any Southeast Texas church or individual.

Thank-you to the Altus Brothers, our Southeast Texas churches, and each of you who has found a way to bring a smile to our Southeast Texas seniors.

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