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Cornerstone Baptist Church of Kountze is blessed to have an energetic young Pastor who is in love with the Lord, Brother Rusty Mott.

SETX Church Guide is excited to bring highlights from Brother Rusty’s blogs to share with our readers.

Here at Cornerstone Church Kountze, we took the opportunity to start a new tradition called “Cornerstone Family Night.” A few Sundays during the year, instead of meeting on-campus for Sunday night activities, we are encouraging our families to have a time of worship in their ministry

We will have our dedicated “family nights” on Mother’s and Father’s day, and also on Easter Sunday. These are Sundays that families already spend together celebrating and worshiping, so we as a church want to bless those gatherings!

But I will admit- we have ulterior motives! We are NOT just taking Sunday nights off a few Sundays each year. Instead, we are hoping that these nights will inspire our families to CONSISTENTLY gather together in the home for a time of worship. Hopefully, these intentional nights will lead us to begin making this a pattern in our homes.

Let me be the first to say it- last night was a little awkward.

As my wife Mallory and I finished celebrating with both of our families, we stopped checking Facebook, logged off the internet, put down our books, and turned off the TV. Instead, we opened our Bibles.

How could it be that someone who teaches the Bible all the time struggles to do this in his own home?

I have realized that I don’t like “baring my soul” in front of people. I don’t like to be KNOWN. But when we open the Bible and start studying it, God convicts us, and we see things that need to change! That’s ok when it’s just me and God. But add my wife to the mix, and I don’t like it at all!

The enemy loves it when we think this way. Because there is no accountability when I’m the only one who knows I’m struggling with certain issues. If I have read about pride in God’s Word during my personal time, I might stop and think twice about acting in a prideful manner. But if I have read about pride in Family worship- not only will I think about it, but my wife will be there to hold me accountable and remind me of what God said to us through His Word.

The fact that this makes me cringe is a sign of the enemy’s work. No one cringes at the thought of someone stepping in to stop someone from walking in front of a moving vehicle. Yet when it comes to living in sin- we want to walk alone, free from “spotters” that can help us walk in the joy of obedience.

When we study God’s Word as couples, groups, and families, God has a way of encouraging and moving us all closer to each other, and most importantly to Him. There is strength in numbers!

So if you are like Mallory and me- last night was a little rough. It was slow moving, and the discussion lagged at times. But here’s the challenge- don’t wait until the next “family night.” Keep it going- TONIGHT!

We’re going to keep going through Psalms. 1 chapter each day. Read it, talk about what God is teaching us, and then pray together. It might be tough, and it will almost certainly face resistance- but keep going! God wants to do amazing things in our homes! Get in His Word and spend time together with Him as a family, and watch how God blesses you!

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Cornerstone Baptist Church Phone: 409-246-1116 editor’s note: Thank-you Rusty. This is real world information that almost all of us can act on in our real lives. Since you opened up, I will to. I believe that I am convicted to pray each night on my knees, which I do quietly. I know my wife would like me to pray out loud but I too find it to be a challenge. I don’t have any problem praying out loud with her at meals or when we are setting off for a road trip, but I do find it hard at night. I’ll take up your challenge and open my heart to doing that. I know it will be a good thing. Thank-you again, both for opening up, and for providing something we can all use in our daily walks.

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