Southeast Texans of German Ancestry & SETX Lutherans: German Concert Sept 29

While Southeast Texas may be known more for our French, African American, Vietnamese, and Hispanic population, there are lots of ethnic Germans in Texas.

At one time, German was commonly spoken in many Texas towns.

Many ethnic Germans in Texas maintain their ties to the Lutheran church.

German music for me has always included the tuba, trombone, and trumpet. Lots of brass. Trumpet

Whether you are an ethnic German, a brass band fan, or enjoy networking with other Lutheran churches, this may be an ideal opportunity for you:

What: Houston Brass Band presents German Music

Date: September 29th.

Time: 6pm

Where: Christ the King Lutheran Church. 2353 Rice Blvd, Houston, TX 77005

Christ the King Lutheran Church Office Phone: (713) 523-2864 ext. 1021

Christ the King Lutheran Church on the Web

Houston Brass Band Phone: 832-622-2104

Houston Brass Band on the Web


Houston Brass Band

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