Southeast Texans Interested In Israel Volunteer Opportunities – HaYovel Introduction Scheduled for June 24 at Sertino’s

Southeast Texas Christians share a strong bond with Israel. HaYovel Beaumont Israeli Tourism

Many SETX Christian families cite Israel high on their “must visit” list.

If you are a Southeast Texas Christian who has a strong desire to visit Israel, we encourage you to head to Sertino’s on June 24th for an introduction to the group HaYovel.

HaYovel connects volunteers with small farmers in Israel for a unique opportunity to experience the land of the Bible.

  • 7:30am
  • 11:30am
  • Speaker: Joshua Waller, with HaYovel

Presentations are about 45 minutes and Josh will be available to answer any questions about the experience and whether a visit to Israel with HaYovel might be the “just right” fit for you and your family.

HaYovel Beaumont Introduction

Southeast Texas mission to Israel

Interested in traveling to Israel? Visit an introductory meeting on June 24th

HaYovel provides those interested in visiting Israel the opportunity to connect with small farmers who welcome them to volunteer with them harvesting, pruning vineyards, or in historic olive groves.

This gives Southeast Texas Christians the opportunity to see the Israel of the Bible – the land that nurtured Judaism and early Christianity.

In turn, visitors learn about the “real” Israel beyond what you see on the daily news and become educated advocates for the nation, farmers, and ordinary citizens of Israel.

HaYovel Beaumont Christians to tour Israel

Who is HaYovel looking for as volunteers?

HaYovel encourages families to visit Israel together. There is room for everyone to volunteer – elders provide wisdom, teens and young adults can participate in the fields and vineyards, and others can assist with homemaking. If your family has wanted to step into the pages of the Bible, this is a great opportunity.

HaYovel Israel Tourism

What can HaYovel volunteers expect? 

HaYovel has a mission to inspire and educate – be prepared for both! Southeast Texas Christian volunteers will live with Jewish farmers and other volunteers. You will have the opportunity to work the land as Jewish farmers do. You will be taken on tours with a focus on the areas of the Bible. You’ll hear from speakers who are working to restore land and farms to wholesome production.

HaYovel JPEG


HaYovel Beaumont Tx


HaYovel SETX Tours to Israel


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