Singing Group Started in Nederland Church Community to Appear on NBC’s “The Sing-Off”


How many times have we sat in Southeast Texas churches and listened to the choir or someone singing a special and thought “Hey, these guys are pretty good” and a few minutes later, “These guys could be on TV”.

If you have been in the Nederland church community you may have heard Tim Foust and thought, “Man, that guy is going some where.”Home Free SETX on The Singoff

You were right. Tim Foust and his band “Home Free” will soon be on your TV, on a popular singing competition, “The Sing-Off”.

If you haven’t seen The Sing-Off, the hook is that there are no instruments or backing tracks- everything you hear from singing to percussion to horns and violins is made entirely by the singers a cappela.

If Home Free wins the competition, they will land a recording contract with Sony.

We’re sure many Southeast Texas Christians will tune in Sunday December 9th (8pm) to support local group Home Free, with its roots in the Nederland church community.

Home Free

Tim Foust and Home Free left Nederland to join hundreds of groups in advertising for only 10 available slots on this year’s season of The Sing-off.

Tim Foust and Home Free admire “The Sing-Off” for putting the human voice front and center – no trained backup singers to help, no fancy musical riffs to boost a poor voice. Just a group of singers with nothing to rely on but the human voice.

By the way, if you’re a fan of the show- don’t miss any episodes. This year’s season will be shorter than normal.

There are only seven episodes this year, so the season will fly by. If you’re a Home Free fan or a fan of the show, get your DVR ready.

This Year’s judges will be:

  • Jewel (probably an upgrade)
  • Ben Folds of The Ben Folds Five
  • Shawn Stockman (Boys II Men)

What: Band with roots in Nederland Church Community, Home Free, will be on NBC’s “The Sing-Off”

When.  Monday. Dec. 9. 8pm on NBC.

Home Free




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