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Southeast Texas churches and their members have a rich history of donating their time, money, and compassion in the Golden Triangle and across the world.

When donating our time, it is wonderful if the Lord has provided you with a distinct calling. Some are called to visit the elderly in nursing homes- a wonderful calling. Others are led to work in the nursery during church services. My father-in-law has been called to take his tool belt all over the world, wherever churches need to be raised.

For those of us who have not yet felt a specific call from the Lord, we try to plug ourselves in meaningful places.

One common desire is, “to make a difference”. Many also want to make a change, “right here at home”.

One wonderful nationwide organization is making a big difference right here in Southeast Texas- Habitat for Humanity.

Their mission is simple- to build houses for those whose income would not ordinarily permit them to purchase or build a home on their own.

This has a number of benefits for the families and for the Southeast Texas community:

  • The cycle of poverty is broken 
  • Health, physical safety and security improve
  • Educational and job prospects increase
  • A sense of stability and dignity grows
  • Money is freed up for other essential needs

Owning a home is one of the cornerstones of the American dream, and for many people it simply has never been a realistic option.

Habitat for Humanity is at work in Southeast Texas making this portion of the American Dream a reality for Southeast Texas families.

Many Southeast Texas churches and companies, small and large, are helping with this mission.

One of the Southeast Texas churches that is heavily involved is St. Anne’s Catholic Church in Beaumont.

If you’d like to get involved by donating materials, feeding the workers, or by picking up a hammer yourself, contact the church for information about how to get involved in their Habitat for Humanity campaign in Southeast Texas.

You’ll be able to really see the difference you’re making in the community.

St. Anne’s Beaumont Church Office: 375 North 11th Street Beaumont, TX
St. Anne’s Catholic Church Office Phone: (409) 832-5939

St. Anne’s Church Website

To contact Habitat for Humanity directly:

Address: 610 Trinity Street Beaumont, TX 77701
Phone: (409) 832-5853

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