SETX Quilting Circle Meets Thursdays at First Baptist Church Silsbee

Southeast Texas Women’s Ministry

FBC Silsbee Quilting Circle

Would you like to join a fun SETX quilting circle? Join the ladies at First Baptist Church Silsbee on Thursdays.

For many Southeast Texas Christian women, quilting is part of the fabric of life.

If this sounds like you, the First Baptist Church quilting fellowship just might be a perfect fit.Women's Ministry Southeast TexasThis Silsbee quilting group is just part of the active Southeast Texas women’s ministry at First Baptist Church Silsbee.

The Silsbee Quilting fellowship is ideal for:

  • Learning the ropes from experienced Southeast Texas quilters
  • Sharing your Southeast Texas quilting skills
  • Enjoying the fellowship of other SETX quilting enthusiasts
  • Spending time with other Southeast Texas Christian women

Join the First Baptist Church Silsbee quilters Thursday of every week from 1:00 PM to 7:00 PM.

women's fellowship Southeast Texas

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women's ministry Southeast Texas

A big thank-you to First Baptist Church Silsbee for sponsoring this wonderful Southeast Texas women’s fellowship. For Southeast Texas quilters, Thursdays are something special at First Baptist Church Silsbee.

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