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Sheffield Aerobic and Septic serves Southeast Texas

Sheffield Aerobic and Septic is a Christian owned and operated business covering the following Southeast Texas Counties:

  • Jefferson aerobic sprinkler system Beaumont, septic system Port Arthur, septic system Vidor, aerobic system Buna, sewer systems Jasper TX
  • Hardin
  • Tyler
  • Orange
  • Liberty

Sheffield Aerobic and Septic can assist you with:

  • Aerobic system installation and maintenance
  • Conventional septic system installation and repair

If you aren’t sure which septic system is right for you, we can answer any questions and provide you with a quote for both options anywhere in Southeast Texas.

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What are some advantages of Aerobic Systems?

  • Aerobic systems can be used to water lawns, which can be a real benefit during our  hot Southeast Texas summers. Drive around and you can tell which homes have Aerobic systems aerobic sprinkler system Lumberton, aerobic system Port Arthur, sewer system Vidor, sewer system Kirbyvillehelping families keep the grass green.
  • Some Southeast Texas neighborhoods require aerobic systems either neighborhood wide or in sensitive areas. For example, there are Southeast Texas neighborhoods that require aerobic systems near lakes, ponds, wetlands, or golf courses.
  • Aerobic systems require less space for the drainage field. If you have a lot of features already in your yard: swimming pool, patio, outdoor kitchen, aerobic systems can be more space efficient.
  • Aerobic systems break waste down more efficiently meaning you will need to have them pumped less often than traditional systems.
  • With a maintenance program, your aerobic system can give you long, relatively trouble free service.

Are there any advantages of a traditional septic system over an aerobic system? 

  • A traditional system is typically less expensive to initially install and maintain.

What other services does your company offer?

  • Due to the nature of the aerobic and conventional septic business, Sheffield Aerobic and Septic has a great deal of experience with heavy equipment and machinery. We can assist clients with land clearing, pond creation, and other dirt equipment related businesses. If you have a special need in this area, please just give us a call to discuss. 

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What does being a Christian owned business mean to you? 

  • It means following Christ’s example and his word. For that reason, we will never be the richest business around in worldly terms. The trade off is that we have had the opportunity to play our small part in God’s plan in our business, our family, and in missions work around Southeast Texas and globally.

What missions opportunities do you have coming up? 

  • We have done extensive missions work in Belize over the last several years. We have been fortunate to work with some wonderful Christians in Belize and in partnership with a number of Southeast Texas churches including First Baptist Church Spurger and Good Samaritan Fellowship in Fred, TX. If you know any individuals or churches interested in a mission trip to believe, they can contact us directly at the Southeast Texas Aerobic and Septic office or through First Baptist Spurger or Good Samaritan Fellowship in Fred.

If you or your church need a septic system or maintenance on your aerobic or conventional system, please consider Souteast Texas Aerobic and Septic. They will treat you fairly and do everything they can to earn your recommendation to others. 

SETX Aerobic And Septic Contact Information:

Primary: (409) 656-1974



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Setx Church Guide: Southeast Texas Aerobic and Septic is a Southeast Texas Christian owned business in every sense.

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