SETX Homeschool Resource: Why I’ve Done This for Sixteen Years

Southeast Texas Homeschool Resources – “Why I have done this for sixteen years,” by Debbie Slaughter

Why would anyone choose SETX homeschooling, when the school bus passes right by the house?

Think of all the things I could do if I didn’t have to teach my kids all day!

I could go to Women’s Bible Studies at my Southeast Texas church. home school 2

I could go to the GYM and work out.

I could get a manicure and then go have lunch with some girlfriends.

I could keep a clean house.

I would be so organized.

The laundry would be done.

I wouldn’t have to fix lunches.

I could get a job and have extra money!Debbie Slaughter are you really homeschooling 2

We could pay off our cars, our house, our debt.

We could use the extra money for vacations.

I could buy nicer clothes.

I wouldn’t have to spend endless hours looking at SETX homeschool curriculum.

I wouldn’t have to spend endless dollars buying that curriculum.

I wouldn’t be paying taxes to an institution that I never use (Southeast Texas public schools).

I wouldn’t have to be the drill sergeant teacher.

I could just be mom.

I wouldn’t have to spend countless hours on lesson plans, without getting paid.

I wouldn’t have to be the teacher, even when I’m sick.

The school would provide a substitute if I just couldn’t make it one day.

I can’t imagine why, year after year, I continue to put myself though all of this.

Oh, wait….what’s that?  A text from my 20 year old?

Debbie Slaughter SETX homeschool text

Yeah, that’s why I’ve been doing this for 16 years.

It’s been worth every hour.

Southeast Texas Homeschool moms, keep going!  Your kids will thank you one day.

Debbie Slaughter A Million Skies
A big SETX Church Guide thank-you to guest blogger Debbie Slaughter for today’s article “SETX Homeschool Resource: Why I’ve Done this Guest Bloggers Welcomefor Sixteen Years”.
Debbie’s blog is “A Million Skies” and it is an amazing resource for Southeast Texas Christian women and Southeast Texas Christians homeschool moms.
Debbie mixes “how to” advice for Southeast Texas homeschool moms with messages of support and encouragement.
Debbie knows that SETX homeschooling is NOT easy, but she’s living proof that you can do it – and has lots of examples (like today’s message) of why so many Southeast Texas homeschool moms make the effort day after day, year after year.
At SETX Church Guide, we’re also a SETX homeschool family, so we value Debbie Slaughter and her example very much.
Southeast Texas Christian Website
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Co-owner Pam Sheffield took a year off to start her grandchildren in the homeschooling process, which was a blessing in their lives.
The Sheffields know the importance of SETX homeschooling, and will sponsor a number of homeschooling messages on SETX Church Guide this year.
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We hope you have enjoyed today’s feature, Southeast Texas Homeschool Resources – “Why I have done this for sixteen years,” by Debbie Slaughter

Stay tuned for more.

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