SETX Homeschool Notes with Debbie Slaughter

SETX Homeschool Notes with Debbie Slaughter, Golden Triangle Christian blogger

It is nice to see the  family respond to our gifted guest bloggers. Many of you have asked for more information from SETX home schooler Debbie Slaughter. Debbie shared the story of how her family became Southeast Texas homeschool advocates. By popular demand, is pleased to share more from guest blogger Debbie Slaughter with Texas homeschool insights. 

I am currently schooling my 2nd child, who has just entered the 8th grade, and still loving it. I still believe in what we do, 100% !

Homeschooling has allowed our family to own our life and schedule; not hand our life over to the school district to dictate to us, when and for how long we can be sick, go out of town, study what we love, or study untruths that go against our faith. It’s allowed us to be in charge of what my children are taught, what goes into their minds, what peers they have in their lives, and most importantly, it’s allowed Christ to be infiltrated into each and every aspect of what we do.

I could write story after story of the blessings that we have experienced through having our kids at home with us, but it would take all day Debbie Slaughter Chalkto read. It’s just something you have to experience for yourself. But, the richest of the blessings are the moments when you are gathered in your kitchen or  living room, mid morning. The conversations are rich with wonder, and learning, and life. You think about how many kids are sitting at desks, being told what to think and what truth is and how many moms are missing out on what you are experiencing.

Those are the moments that I treasure, because I know that it could be so different. I could send my kids off every day and be left to wonder what they “learned” that day; what they talked about, who they hung out with, etc. But, I don’t have to wonder! I don’t have to long for something besides the usual exchange of “How was your day?” “Fine.” And, not knowing what’s going on in my child’s life.

Because I’m here every day, readily available, talking, hugging, guiding, directing, and knowing their hearts, their peers, their desires, their interests – all over 10 a.m. smoothies and laughter and learning.

My kids will be the first to tell you how blessed they were (and are) to have the privilege of being home schooled. Not because it was always perfect, but because we were together. We’ve built sweet memories that will last forever and that is priceless.

If you have any questions about homeschooling, I am always open for questions.

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Editor’s Note:  Can’t wait for the next installment from Debbie Slaughter? Log on toher site to keep up with Debbie’s home school adventures. Debbie is also available to answer questions and point you towards great home school resources.

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