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On today’s SETX Family Event Calendar, we turn to Port Arthur and Central Mall’s Kids Inc.

Southeast Texas Christians may choose public school, private school, or home school for their children.

One subject that is difficult for any of them to provide is teaching a child to become an entrepreneur.

The truth is, many parents stifamily events Southeast Texasll think in terms of jobs, “welder”, “engineer”, “physical therapist”, “surgeon”.

Even within these job categories, the welder who owns the shop or the surgeon that owns his own practice often have more control over their own futures.

Central Mall has stepped in with “Kids Inc.” an activity that allows children to develop a business eye and test drive running their own business for a day – all while having fun.

Central Mall calls their Kids Inc. kids “entrepreneurs of the future”. A young child may take any path, but certainly many in our generation never knew we could become entrepreneurs, so this is a valuable program.

In an effort to promote a retail entrepreneurial spirit among today’s youth, Central Mall is inviting kids ranging from six to 15-years old to participate in their annual “Kids, Inc.” program. The program is being hosted at Central Mall in Port Arthur.

Winning Kids, Inc. participants will have the opportunity to set up shop at Central Mall to learn about business, make money, and most of all, have fun. Participants may create something from scratch, offer a service or resell a product purchased from a wholesaler. Businesses are expected to have minimal parental involvement.

Kids Inc 2015 Central Mall

To qualify for the in-center event, kids will submit their business plans via Central Mall’s Facebook page.

“We are excited to put kids in business and offer this opportunity to budding retail entrepreneurs,” said Jodie Galloway, Central Mall marketing and specialty leasing manager. “Allowing kids to sell their products or services in a retail environment will give them a real taste of what it takes to run a business. We’re looking forward to hosting these ‘merchants of the future’.”

To learn more about the program, please visit 


Kids Inc Southeast Texas children's events

Southeast Texas Churches are always looking for ways to help the children in their congregations and communities grow. Southeast Texas Churches provide our Vacation Bible School Programs, they offer scholarship programs, they send kids to camps all across the state. Many Southeast Texas Churches even have their own schools. That doesn’t mean the church has to “do” everything. Sometimes a church’s function can be making parents and kids aware of resources already in the community.

For a child learning early that being an entrepreneur, and getting the opportunity to try it out in a safe, comfortable environment, can be a real blessing for many kids. I believe this is the kind of event that our Southeast Texas churches can help raise awareness of and encourage parents and children to get involved.

If your child chooses to participate this year, we wish them well. Some may discover an inner entrepreneurial spark that burns bright. Others may learn that they are more comfortable not being responsible for a business of their own. Either way the child will be learning and growing. Isn’t that what we all want for our kids?

Thank-you to Central Mall for bringing Kids Inc. to Southeast Texas for the 2nd summer in a row.

Thank-you to all of the Southeast Texas churches and parents who are always looking to help our children grow in every way.

Kids Inc. Port Arthur Tx


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