SETX Church Guide Book Review: Redeeming Love

Southeast Texas Christian Book Review

“Redeeming Love” by Francine Rivers

All my life I had dreams of my Knight in Shining Armor, building the perfect Godly marriage, and following the leader of my family in pure love.

Life isn’t always quite as perfect as we imagine it will be when we’re dreaming as little girls and teenagers.

Having a perfect life would be great, but I’m sure we’ll never know, at least here on Earth.

Over time, most of us are surprised to find that the imperfections in life are what really makes each day fun, enjoyable, and fresh. This is true in love as well. Often our spouse’s imperfections endear them to us and become part of why we love them.

Many accounts in the Bible offer great examples for knowing what love truly is.

The characteristics of Biblical love are layered in Truth and Grace in the beautiful novel of Godly romance, Redeeming Love by Christian author Francine RiversChristian book review Texas, Christian book review Southeast Texas, Christian book review Beaumont TX

Many of her novels cater more to women, but this is one that is great for both women and men.

It’s amazing how much the health of our marriages affect everything else in our lives- our ability to be a parent, our productivity at work, and our happiness in each facet of life.

I even would suggest Redeeming Love for any Southeast Texas book club, ladies bible study group, or to be shared between mother and daughter (18 years +).

Some editions of Redeeming Love come with discussion questions for deeper application. These provide opportunities to discuss real world intimacy, faithfulness, forgiveness, and ultimately the divine providence of Yaweh.

This is a popular book by Rivers that can be found in many church libraries, public libraries, and available online for e-readers.
Find even more Francine Rivers projects on her website at

May your marriage find happiness, your visions of romance be more godly, and your spouse know more of God because of you.

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