SETX Church Guide Book Review “Mark of the Lion” Series by Francine Rivers

Southeast Texas Christian Book Review

Mark of the Lion, by Francine Rivers

Christian fiction is very popular with Southeast Texas Christian readers.

Many were introduced to the genre by authors like Francine Rivers.

Today’s SETX Church Guide Book Review looks back to her classic “Mark of the Lion” Series.

Have you ever experienced living in a place where you, your convictions, and your priorities don’t belong? Are you there now?

Francine Rivers is an experienced Christian writer who has a phenomenal way of weaving historical fact, Biblical truth, and a creative storyline into a moving piece of reading with the potential to take you, the reader, somewhere you’ve never been. Her books have long been popular nationwide and particularly here in Southeast Texas, being passed around by three generation of women in Beaumont, Silsbee, Groves, and all over the Golden Triangle.

I highly recommend the Francine Rivers’ series; “Mark of the Lion”, A Voice in the Wind, An Echo in the Darkness, and As Sure as the Dawn. I mustpose one disclaimer, this series is set in ancient Rome and it’s then surrounding areas, so there are many forei1313gn words and names. Even as an avid reader it took me a bit initially to get through the verbiage, but it is so worth it. In reading about other lands, cultures, and times we get a better mental picture of the stories in the Bible.

So, crack open A Voice in the Wind to visit ancient Rome (on the page and in your mind) and learn what true Biblical servitude is.

As you read, I challenge you to be mindful comparing the life and times of then to now and consider the similarities of ancient Rome to the current situation in the United States. In living for Christ we too are strangers in a foreign land.

Check your church library for this series, your local civic library, download it to your e-reader, or buy it for yourself from at a very reasonable price. Find more information about the 20th Anniversary Edition “Mark of the Lion” Series by visiting Francine Rivers’ website at Texas Christian Website

Enjoy your new adventure and I pray that you will allow God to use this as a moment when your walk with Him goes to new depths. Happy reading!

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