SETX Children’s Ministry: Marksmanship Camp at Camp His Way

Southeast Texas Youth Trip Ideas

Camp His Way Offers Marksmanship Camps

Camp His Way provides a great Children’s Ministry resource for Southeast Texas churches:

  • Summer Camps for children and for youth
  • Fall and Spring Marksmanship Camps
  • Special events, weekends, and camps can be custom created to fill the children’s ministry needs of your Southeast Texas church.


Camp His Way Marksmanship Camp SETX Youth Ministry

These are a perfect opportunity for a father/son or mother/daughter or… insert your combination Christ centered weekend with an activity your child will love – and you will learn from as well.

Dustin Ellermann, Southeast Texas’ own Top Shot winner, hosts several weekend Marksmanship Camps at Camp His Way in Zavalla, TX.

There are weekend Marksmanship Camps for East Texas and Golden Triangle kids ages 9-13, teens 14-18, and private adult groups.

Camp His Way Lumberton Youth Ministry

The Camp His Way Marksmanship Camp focus is on safety, marksmanship skills, team building, and becoming men and women of Biblical character with the following fun activities:

Tomahawk  Throwing
Shovel Throwing
Knife Throwing
Rock Throwing (yes for real)
Pellet Rifles
Big Bore Blowguns
Shooting a Paintball Gun While Flying Down a Zipline At Night
Rimfire Rifle Marksmanship (Savage Bolt Action, M&P 15, MP5, Volquartsen Custom + more)

Camp His Way Lumberton Children's Ministry

For any outdoorsmen (and women) out there, this is likely VERY interesting. I take my kids hunting all the time with rifles and shotguns. We all do well with them. I don’t know anything about knife throwing, but I always wanted to learn “someday”. I’ve never thrown a tomahawk (but I’d love to “someday”). And I know it’s embarrassing to admit it in Southeast Texas, but I don’t have any archery training skills -but I will – “someday”.

Camp His Way Marksmanship Camp Lumberton Youth Ministry

With Dustin Ellermann’s Marksmanship Camp right here on Sam Rayburn, let’s make this our “Someday”. Not only will we get to finally learn those cool skills we’ve put off for decades too long, but we’ll raise kids who learn not to wait for “someday” when it comes to rounding out their educations.

This is a great – fun and educational – Southeast Texas Children’s Ministry that any family or church can easily get involved with.

We’ll see you at Camp His Way Marksmanship Camp.

Camp His Way Marksmanship Camp Beaumont Children's Ministry

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Click here for the Southeast Texas Youth Marksmanship Camp Schedule at Camp His Way.

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