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Rad Graphics in Nederland is a wonderful resource for Southeast Texas Churches. Rad Graphics Southeast Texas Church T-shirt

Rad Graphics can assist assist Golden Triangle churches with:

  • Screen Printed T-Shirts for your Southeast Texas VBS
  • Embroidered Polo Shirts for SETX Church Staff
  • Church Logo Koozies for your Golden Triangle Church Picnic
  • Banners for Church Holiday Events, SETX VBS, Mother’s Day Out Programs
  • T-shirts to help you identify your Southeast Texas church’s children and youth on field trips, at SETX summmer camps, concerts, and other church events
  • Tiny T-shirts for your Southeast Texas Mother’s Day Out program and children’s ministry

Screen Printed Southeast Texas Church T-Shirts 

For Southeast Texas churches, having an easy to identify t-shirt can be more than “something nice”. It can be a safety issue.

How many times have you taken your children’s or youth group to a church summer camp and had trouble finding your ten kids when they are mixed in with a hundred others, or five hundred?

Getting easy to see t-shirts with your Southeast Texas church logo on them will make it easy to find them – like a big hot pink luggage tag on a black suitcase on the airport carousel.

When the kids are back with their friends they’ll still have the t-shirt and an opportunity to tell their friends what a wonderful time they had at church camp.

Rad Graphics SETX Ministry T-shirts

Embroidered Polo Shirts with Your SETX Church Logo

Embroidered Polo Shirts can be wonderful for your church staff – and your Southeast Texas congregation.

A polo shirt (or button down) with your SETX church logo quickly tells a little a bit about you.

It also can be an invitation to strangers to ask a question or to share with you, “I go to the Alzheimer’s Support Group at your church – I’ve always wanted to tell someone that I appreciate your church making the meeting room available for us” or “My husband and I were recently transferred to Mid County from Houston. We would love to find a church here- what kind of youth program do you have?”

A nice shirt with your church logo can be a subtle, elegant flag for your faith.

In addition, a church logo polo or dress shirt makes a wonderful gift. Every Golden Triangle church has some volunteers that you’d like to acknowledge for their tireless service- a church logo shirt is a nice way to say, “Thank-you for all you do”.

Rad Graphics in Nederland has a wonderful design team that can help you design something that is the right fit for your Southeast Texas church.

Rad Graphics Southeast Texas Church Polo Shirt

Golden Triangle Church Logo Koozies

Koozies are one of those things that people hold onto, particularly in the heat of Southeast Texas summers.

Without a koozie a bottle of water warms up in just a few minutes. With a koozie, they stay cold much longer – and your hand doesn’t get wet from ccondensation!

Koozies with your Southeast Texas church logo are a great item to hand out at your church picnic that won’t break the bank.

From formal to fun, Rad Graphics designers can help you come up with a SETX church logo koozie for your next big event.

Rad Graphics Southeast Texas church koozie

Koozie for SETX Church Picnic

Southeast Texas Church Banners

Every year, it seems like Southeast Texas churches use more banners.

You need a banner for your fundraising dinner, for your SETX Mother’s Day Out Program, and for your holiday worship times.


Whatever the occasion, Rad Graphics can assist you with creating banners for your Southeast Texas Church.

Rad Graphics has a great reputation for providing Southeast Texas church banners on time and on budget – with great design quality.

Rad Graphics Southeast Texas Church Banner

Call Rad Graphics Today for All Your Southeast Texas Church Embroidery and Screen Printing Needs.Rad Graphics Southeast Texas Church Camp T-shirts right

From koozies to t-shirts, to banners, Rad Graphics can get your Southeast Texas church the logo items they need.

Whether it’s t-shirts for your Southeast Texas VBS volunteers or a banner for your chilli supper, Rad Graphics can help.

Call them today and let them know how they can help:

Rad Graphics

Phone: (409) 721-5700

EM: RadGraphics96@SBCGlobal.net

Address: 1308 South Twin City Highway in Nederland

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