Path Mark – Prison Ministry

Path Mark Ministries exists to serve and disciple impoverished people by providing Spiritual Guidance, Bible Training, Christian Fellowship, Prayer and Life Skills Training.

Prison ministry is a cornerstone of this outreach.

The vision of this ministry is to reconcile and disciple men of all walks of life unto the Lord. Activities include Evangelistic Crusades, Revivals, In Prison Church, Bible Training, Men’s Fellowship, Life Skills Training, Counseling, Vocational Education, Workforce Readiness, Jobs, Spiritual Guidance, Mentoring, and Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services.

Pathmark has published three books to help people find their path- and to stay on it: Foundations of Faith 101 – 175 pages; Foundations of Growth 201 – 88 pages; Operation Fresh Start.

For those being released from incarceration, Pathmark has founded Operation Fresh Start.

Operation Fresh Start’s Christian Entrepreneurial Management Program (C.E.M.P.) is a holistic solution to the staggering problem of prisoner recidivism by inspiring and enabling ex-offenders to become their own solution. In short, Pathmark’s Fresh Start program helps those released from prison find gainful employment and the life skills they need to never return to jail/prison. C.E.M.P. helps ex-felons care for themselves and their families by creating a success based alternative culture and teaching the tools necessary to get a job and start a business.
C.E.M.P. is a comprehensive post-release entrepreneurship model for ex-felons based on business incubators. These business incubators sponsor ex-offenders who show entrepreneurial promise and have demonstrated the necessary work ethic, intellectual capacity and possess the trade or vocation skills to facilitate the formation and growth of a for-profit enterprise.
The business incubators sponsor ex-offenders who have completed an application to participate in the entrepreneurial incubation program, completed the prescribed curriculum set forth by the program, and completed a functional and operational business plan.
Each of the entrepreneurial enterprises are ex-offender friendly in hiring other ex-offenders. Thus these businesses create additional employment opportunities for other ex-offenders who satisfy job requirements. In addition to the constituency serving the constituency by creating jobs, successful entrepreneurs who become models can help to influence and relax the hiring policies of other companies throughout their business community.
C.E.M.P. provides the tools and assistance necessary to enable ex-felons to achieve a robust, rewarding, legitimate, wholesome, and dignified future.
Any individual who is currently incarcerated or has experienced an incarceration event may apply for membership in C.E.M.P.

Phone: 409-719-3771