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US Lawns Offers Wonderful Landscaping for Golden Triangle Churches

Today we offer some thoughts on landscaping for our Orange Tx church community from SETX Commercial landscaper US Lawns.

Many of our Orange Tx churches are in growth mode or maneuvering to get into growth mode.

After all, the old saying is true, “A church is either growing or it is dying”.

A prospective visitor generally drives past an Orange Tx church several times before their first service – sometimes for months or even years.

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For a church that is looking for growth, projecting a welcoming image to visitors can be a tremendous asset.

If a potential visitor drives past your SETX Church today, what will they see? Will the image you project make them feel comfortable and welcome them in?

Not every church in Orange County has an overflowing building fund to undertake expensive beautification projects.

For many of our Southeast Texas churches, projecting a welcoming image will mean attractively framing what you already have.

Often that starts with your lawn and landscaping.

Giving your church a little seasonal color can draw the eyes of potential visitors. Attractive shrubs and a neatly trimmed lawn can make the church feel comfortable and welcoming to families looking for an Orange area church to visit.

US Lawns enjoys making Southeast Texas church landscaping beautiful.

Delegating your landscaping responsibility to a professional landscaper frees your ministry and office team to focus on their core tasts.

US Lawns of Southeast Texas proactively handles:US Lawns Your Turf Our Lawn better

  • Lawn trimming
  • Planting and maintaining seasonal flowers
  • Tree and hedge care
  • Fertilization and mulching
  • Pest Control
  • Irrigation

If your Orange TX church is in growth mode, your lawn and landscaping can help encourage potential visitors to see what you’re all about.

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Call US Lawns Beaumont owner Byron Jacquette for a consultation today.

Phone: (409) 678-2166

They will enjoy making sure your Orange TX church landscaping is beautiful, 52 Sundays a year.

US Lawns SETX Apartment Landscaping

We hope you enjoyed today’s feature Southeast Texas Church VendorsUS Lawns Offers Wonderful Landscaping for Golden Triangle Churches.

Stay tuned for more.

SETX Church Guide is always looking for dedicated Golden Triangle church vendors that can assist our local churches and Christian schools.

US Lawns Commercial Landscaping Beaumont Tx

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