Modern Day Dad by Daryl Fant – Quick Tips for Being The Dad You Want to Be

Modern Day DadBe the Dad You Want to Be

Are you always striving to be the best Southeast Texas dad you can be?

Sometimes on Modern Day Dad, I get a little long winded – but not today.

Today we’re sharing a super quick tip that will really help you take fatherhood to the next level.

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Here we go: List five activities you enjoy sharing with your children.

Now, when was the last time you did these activities with your kids?

Life for Southeast Texas fathers is hectic – work, chores, and the hundreds of tasks you’re expected to complete each week. It can get hard to lose track of time.

Chances are some of the activities you’d like to enjoy with your children are pretty easy, convenient, and affordable.

If your list has things like, “see a family movie”, “share an ice cream cone”, “play catch”, “read a story out load”, or “go fishing” you can probably knock them out this week.

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Tape the list up by your desk at work or on the dashboard of your truck.

Refer to it periodically and make sure you are taking the time to do the activities you want to do with your kids.

What memory would you like to create with your child today?

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Thanks for taking the time to read today’s edition of “Modern Day Dad” by Daryl Fant.

Best wishes on continuing to be the best day you can be!

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