Looking for a Memorable Southeast Texas Church Outing?

Southeast Texas Church Outings

Moody Gardens in Galveston

In Southeast Texas, we are blessed with wonderful church facilities.

Sometimes it is a blessing to get off campus and into the world.

If you’re looking for a memorable Southeast Texas Church outing, consider Moody Gardens in Galveston.

Moody Gardens houses some of the finest indoor nature exhibits you can find anywhere in the world- all within an hour’s drive or so from most Southeast Texas Churches. 

Each year, tens of thousands of visitors from all over the world will fill their exhibit pyramids to see anacondas, bats, tropical fish, colorful birds, event big cats in something like their native habitats.

What you may not know is that a very few people are treated to a more private showing- and that they see animals doing things the rest of us never do.

These are the groups who schedule special “sleepovers” through the Moody Gardens education office.

There are currently two “Overnight Adventures” available. The first is called “Creatures of the Night“. The second is ” Night on the Reef”. Both would be a real treat for Southeast Texas church groups.

Both events allow church groups to spend the night exploring a nocturnal world the rest of Moody Garden’s day visitors aren’t able to share.

At first glance, the price seems a little high (packages start at $1000), but when you consider you’re not having to pay for hotel rooms, that makes the cost actually quite reasonable. With twenty participants, you’re at a $50 per person cost which includes the Moody Gardens experts, a light snack, and a number of planned activities run by Moody Gardens.

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When you’re looking for a church activity that participants will not only remember, but also tell lots of others about, this is a great option.Moody Gardens Church program, church trips Beaumont TX, church getaway Southeast Texas, SETX Christian fellowship

Phone: (800) 582-4673 XT 4325

E-mail Moody Gardens: education@moodygardens.com

Web: MoodyGardens.org

If you’ve been looking for a Southeast Texas church road trip opportunity, we hope you found today’s article informative.

We’ll see you – in church and in the world.

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