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Is your family looking for a church home in The Big Thicket?

You are invited to visit Cornerstone Baptist Church, a family friendly church serving Hardin County.

What to expect in a visit to Cornerstone:

Cornerstone Baptist Church is a gospel-centered church and they structure services to point individuals and families to Christ.

The congregation enjoys both traditional hymns and modern songs of worship. There is a good mix of new and old favorites during Sunday worship.

At Cornerstone Baptist Church, each service features e a time of offering, time for prayer, and a biblical message from the pastor.

Dress Code at Cornerstone Baptist Church:

Sunday services are casual. Dress code is casual, and their desire is for our worship to be sincere.

Nice jeans or khakis and a polo shirt or button down shirt for men is common, but not required. Women typically wear comfortable dresses or skirts and blouses, but you are certainly welcome in jeans if that makes you comfortable.

During hunting season, camo is perfectly acceptable.

Check out one of their previous live feeds on Facebook to get a better feel for what to expect.

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What Kind of Preaching Can You Expect at Cornerstone Kountze?

The preacher and congregation believe the Bible is relevant, applicable, and fully sufficient for every aspect of our life.

For this reason, you can expect a Bible-based message that will both encourage and challenge you.

You will walk away not just knowing what the Bible says, but you will grow in your faith and relationship with Christ.

Children’s Ministry at Cornerstone Baptist Church:

The safety of children is very important to our church family. For this reason, there is  a secure children’s area with a safe check-in and out process.

Children’s classes are fun and age appropriate for each age group.

Children are also welcome to participate in the regular worship service. In fact, we want them to. The congregation provides children’s activity bags each week during the regular service.

There are also lots of special activities for children and families throughout the year:

  • A popular Kountze Vacation Bible School
  • Safe Big Thicket Halloween Experience
  • Candlelight Service on Christmas Eve
  • Fun Easter Activities

church Kountze, Baptist Church Hardin County, Big Thicket Baptist Church, fellowship Hardin County

Come by the Cornerstone Baptist Church  Welcome Center for more information.

church invitation Beaumont TX, church invitation Southeast Texas, SETX church visitors, Golden Triasngle church visit, church resources Beaumont TX, church resources Southeast TexasAddress: 1600 S Pine St, Kountze

Phone: 409-246-1116

Fellowship and Worship Times at Cornerstone Baptist Church in Kountze:

Sunday Worship and Fellowship:

9:00am Bible Study

10:00am Worship

Wednesday Worship and Fellowship:

5:15pm Dinner

6:00pm Adult Bible Study

Student Ministry

Children’s Christ Connection

church Kountze, Baptist Church Hardin County, Big Thicket Baptist Church, fellowship Hardin County




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