Invitation to Southeast Texas Churches – become an SETX Church Guide Partner Church

Southeast Texas Christian MarketingSETX Church Guide works hard for Southeast Texas churches, Christian businesses, and events.

In 2012 was born.

The mission was straight forward: provide a platform to promote Southeast Texas Churches, events, and Christian businesses.

Log onto on any given day you’ll see articles about Southeast Texas Methodist, Pentecostal, Baptist, non-denominational, Catholic, or Assemblies of God Churches.

The focus is on Christ and opportunities to bring Southeast Texans to Southeast Texas Churches and their special events.

If you haven’t spent time on we invite you to do so:



You’ll find a mix of articles about upcoming events, churches, ministry and mission opportunities, and Southeast Texas Christian bloggers.

Why do people use the internet to help find the right Southeast Texas church, event, or ministry opportunity? Ask twenty Southeast Texas Christians, and you’ll get twenty different answers. Some join a new church for the children’s services, some for the geographic location, some for the music, and some for the chance to plug into the mission field they’ve been called to.

SetxChurchGuide recognizes that no single article tells the story needed to move Southeast Texans to your church.

For our Southeast Texas Church partners, we tell all their stories – their VBS, their preaching style, their location, their church picnic, their Christmas programs, their holiday worship times, what kind of music to expect, Wednesday night activities, senior ministries, foreign missions opportunities and more.

We’d like to invite your Southeast Texas church to become a partner church on

We’ve probably already done a story or stories on your church as a public service (we ran over 400 public service articles for Southeast Texas churches in 2014 alone). By becoming a partner church on we can provide a coordinated telling of your story monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly.

We exist to tell the stories of Southeast Texas churches and Christians.

We’d love to tell yours.

Church Partnership on SetxChurchGuide is designed to be affordable to churches of all sizes – from $95/month for a small church looking to establish an online presence (all SetxChurchGuide partner churches receive custom web page on, online articles, and Facebook/Twitter posts to Southeast Texas Christians) to $495/month for churches actively recruiting new families to join their church (LESS than the cost of a church billboard).

Contact us today with questions or to schedule a meeting at your church:

  • Daryl Fant
  • (512) 567-8068

Thank-you and best wishes for a wonderful year to your Southeast Texas Church and congregation.

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We hope you have enjoyed today’s article, Southeast Texas Christian MarketingSETX Church Guide works hard for Southeast Texas churches, Christian businesses, and events.



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