Storm and Disaster Recovery for Churches in Southeast Texas

Disaster Recovery: Southeast Texas Contractors & Specialists

Many Southeast Texas churches, businesses, and families will need professional help rebuilding after a storm or flood.

The following list of Golden Triangle construction professionals is made of local businesses we have personally vetted at SETX Church Guide. Most are not SETX Church Guide marketing partners, but we do know the quality of their work and of their character. These are people who will help make things better.

Drainage, tree cleanup, landscaping. US Lawns in Beaumont. Owner Byron Jacquette gets things done. Church landscaping is close to his heart, and his crews are ready to assist with any needs. They are great with drainage issues, so if you have discovered some areas for improvement, US Lawns Beaumont, commercial landscaping Beaumont, commercial landscaping Southeast Texas, Hurricane Harvey landscaping, irrigation Beaumont, irrigation Southeast Texasgive Byron and his team a call today.

Do you have trees down on your commercial property from a storm? US Lawns Southeast Texas commercial landscaping crews are ready to clean them up today.

  • Byron Jacquette, Owner US Lawns Beaumont.
  • Commercial Landscaping, tree trimming, and irrigation.
  • US Lawns SETX Office
  • (409) 678-2166

US Lawns Beauumont TX, landscaping Beaumont TX, landscaper Southeast Texas, irrigation Beaumont TX, irrigation Orange TX

Valory Jacquette, GM US Lawns Southeast Texas

Click here for the US Lawns Beaumont website for Southeast Texas landcaping, hurricane cleanup, tree trimming, and irrigation needs.

landscaping Beauont TX, landscaper Southeast Texas, SETX tree trimming, irrigation Bridge City TX, irrigation Mid County

Air Conditioning System Installation, Repair, or Upgrade: Orange County and Beaumont TX. Robert Currie, Innovative Air Solutions. Commercial & Residential AC Units.

AC check Beaumont, AC check Orange TX, AC repair SETX, AC repair Beaumont TX, AC company Beaumont TX, commercial AC Orange TX, Air conditioners Vidor. Air conditioning systems across Southeast Texas take a beating during storms and hurricanes. They suffered from being under water and from power coming on and off repeatedly.

Now, they are suffering from rapid build-up of mold spores, bacteria, and other Hurricane Harvey flood related contaminants.  Robert Currie is a certified air quality specialist serving the Golden Triangle, perhaps the only one in his service area.

Robert Currie and his team assist Southeast Texans with air quality, which will be a big issue.  Ask Robert or his office manager about the Reme Halo system. The system works in the duct system to ensure clean air free of pollutants including mold and mildew.

Robert Currie understands the pain of recovering after a Southeast Texas hurricane. His homes flooded during Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Rita.

Robert and the Innovative Air Solutions team can kill mold, bacteria, and viruses, in your home or commercial property anywhere in the Golden Triangle.

commercial ac service Beaumont, SETX AC contractor, refrigeration systems Beaumont TX

They are currently focused on assisting with air conditioning issues in Orange County and Beaumont. They will widen that area as soon as they are able to. As you can imagine, their crews are working around the clock to assist Southeast Texans get air conditioning and to restore air quality.

Reme Halo systems are ideal for homes, churches, commercial properties, hotels, and schools in the Golden Triangle.

air quality Beaumont TX, mold Southeast Texas, SETX mildew cleanup, hurricane cleanup Southeast Texas

KAT Excavation & Construction Southeast Texas: Demolition, new commercial or residential pads, oilfield construction and cleanup, road KAT Excavation & Construction, dirt work Southeast Texas, SETX demolition company, hurricane cleanup Beaumont, hurricane cleanup Port Arthur, hurricane cleanup Vidorconstruction, building materials, and hauling.

KAT Excavation & Construction was one of the first teams mobilized to assist Sour Lake and Southeast Texas. Their crews have been assisting Golden Triangle businesses and families around the clock.

How can KAT Excavation & Construction help you rebuild after a storm, flood, or disaster?

  • SETX Demolition Services– tearing down buildings you cannot salvage
  • Quality site pads for your new home, church,  or commercial building
  • Road building
  • Construction materials for projects in Southeast Texas: Pine Ridge Sand, peagravel, asphalt, 610 base, and more
  • Hauling – removing debris or bringing in equipment and supplies on their dumptrucks, trailers, and other heavy hauling equipment.
  • Dirt work and excavation
  • Retention Ponds anywhere in Southeast Texas

demoltion Beaumont, demolition Southeast Texas, demolition Golden Triangle TX, demolition Vidor, dirt work Beaumont, dirt work Orange TX

This is just a partial list of their services to the Southeast Texas construction community.

Click here for more information about Kat Excavation & Construction.

Electrical Repair – Mr. Electric Southeast Texas, Kevin McClory.

Mr. Electric Beaumont specializes in repair and upgraded electrical and lighting systems for Southeast Texas businesses and families. They were hard at work before recent storms putting in generators for families across the Golden Triangle.

They are available now to help you get your electrical system back in order safely.

Their Southeast Texas electricians can also help you replace damaged lighting, ceiling fans, and other electrical items.

Now is a good time to start looking at a properly installed generator for the next big storm comes to Southeast Texas. Mr. Electric Beaumont can install your generator of choice including whole home systems from Generac.

electrician Beaumont TX, electrician Southeast Texas, electrician Port Arthur, electrician Orange TX, generator Beaumont TX, generator Port Arthur

If you need to replace lighting, ask Kevin McClory with Mr. Electric about energy efficient LED lighting – systems that will pay for themselves in savings on your monthly Entergy bill.

  • Kevin Mclory, Mr. Electric Beaumont & Southeast Texas
  • Electricians for Southeast Texas: light and ceiling fan installation, generator installation, and more.
  • (409) 842-4477

Click here for more information about Mr. Electric Beaumont & Southeast Texas.

lighting system Beaumont TX, LED lighting Southeast Texas, SETX electricians, Port Arthur electrician, generator Port arthur, Generac Orange TX

LED Beaumont, LED Port Arthur, lighting upgrade Southeast Texas, electrician Golden Triangle, electrical repair Beauumont TX

Commercial Security Systems, Fire Alarms and Monitoring, and Mass Notification Systems for the Golden Triangle.

SBS SystemsElectronic Safety Systems for Commercial Buildings damaged by a storm or flood”.

Do you need security cameras on yoursecurity systems SETX, fire alarms Bridge City TX, security system Orange TX, Vidor fire alarms, Vidor secuirty site to help protect it from looters after a storm, flood, or natural disaster?

Does your Southeast Texas facility need a mass notification system to communicate with your work force to prepare for the next disaster?

SBS Systems is ready to assist you. They can help your company anywhere in Southeast texas with a wide range of electronic systems for commercial buildings including entry keypads, hospital bed call systems, intercom, professional sound, and fire alarms with monitoring.

They are also the Southeast Texas mass notification system specialist.

security cameras Lumberton, security systems Golden Triangle TX, fire alarm Port Arthur, fire alarm Mid County, mass notification Beaumont, mass notification Port Arthur

SBS Systems can even help local high schools with repairs to their scoreboards and stadium sound systems to get ready for Friday Night Lights in the Golden Triangle – soon to shine brighter than ever.

SBS Systems is also a leader in professional sound systems, nursery room security, and intercom systems for Southeast Texas churches.

  • David Thornhill, President SBS Systems
  • (409) 385-3971

Click here for more information about SBS Systems and their Southeast Texas fire alarms, security systems, mass notification, and high school stadium scoreboards. 

security alarm Beaumont TX, fire alarm Southeast Texas, SETX mass notification systems, mass notification Texas


Southeast Texas Sewer & Septic

Keith is a Christian business owner with a heart for service. After Hurricane Harvey, he was one of the first relief people into Beaumont towing a portable shower trailer.aerobic system Southeast Texas, septic system Beaumont Tx, sewer system Lumberton TX, Aerobic System Hardin County, Aerobic System Tyler County, septic system Jasper TX

He has also done missions work in Alaska, Belize, the nation of Georgia, throughout Africa, and all across Texas.

He is ready to assist you with your aerobic or conventional septic system installation, repair, or maintenance in the Golden Triangle.

Do you need help repairing or replacing a sewer system in the Golden Triangle?

Call Southeast Texas Sewer and Septic today.

Click here for more information about Southeast Texas Sewer & Septic

sewer system Beaumont, aerobic system Lumberton, aerobic system Hardin County, sewer Tyler County, dirt work Sislbee


Pest Control in Southeast Texas: Floods and storms stir up ants, roaches, mice, raccoons, possums, and snakes. Patrick Nichols and GuardTech Pest Control can get rid of all of these and more.pest control Beaumont TX, pest control Port Arthur, pest control Southeast Texas, pest control Golden Triangle TX

What are your pest control issues?

Patrick Nichols and his team at Guard Tech Pest Control can help you with everything from fire ants to mosquitos to water moccasins.

Call today for any Southeast Texas pest control needs.

Click here for more information about Guard Tech Pest Management: Beaumont / Port Arthur / Southeast Texas. 

Guard Tech Beaumont, Pest Management Port Arthur, Pest Control Orange TX, Termite Control Beaumont Port Arthur



There is a lot of work ahead for SETX companies, churches, and families who are rebuilding after a flood or hurricane.

We hope this list of trusted Southeast Texas construction, cleanup, and design specialists will help you get back on your feet.

  • Daryl Fant, Publisher. SETX Church Guide
  • (512) 567-8068

Church Directory Beaumont TX, curch directory Texas, Christian news Beaumont TX, Christian news Port Arthur, Christian Minsitries Southeast Texas


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