Homeschooling in Southeast Texas – After Hurricane Harvey

Notes from Homeschool Moms to Encourage You After Hurricane Harvey

Homeschooling is always a challenge for SETX moms finding and securing curriculum, scheduling, and balancing life’s other responsibilities. homeschool Southeast Texas, SETX homeschool help, homeschool Golden Triangle TX

For Southeast Texas homeschool families, Hurricane Harvey will be a BIG challenge. Some will face destroyed or damaged textbooks, many will be displaced from their cozy “homeschool” nooks while homes are under repair. Others will just have trouble getting into the homeschool groove while life throws so many other challenges their way.

Here are some of the things Southeast Texas homeschool moms are doing to gain some traction following Hurricane Harvey:

  • Drill the basics. Will it be a few days (or longer) until you get back to your textbooks and other school tools? Hammer your kids on flashcards, state capitols, periodic tables, spelling, and other things you can do from anywhere.
  • Read with your kids. Even if you don’t have the book you are “supposed” to be reading, sit with your child and read something to them, or take turns reading together. The intimacy will do good for both of you. My kids are too “big” for me to read to them, but during Harvey (and with the power out), they had no problem reading together for an hour at a time.
  • Alternate homeschool and “real life” tasks. “Okay guys, I need you to do your next math assignment and then we’ll put everything back on your bookshelves”. For most of us, there are so many cleanup tasks that if we only focus on those we’ll get way behind on homeschooling.
  • Co-op not meeting for a couple of weeks? You can go it alone or invite a couple of kids from your group to come over to your home and preserve the “group learning” dynamic.
  • Don’t miss the real-life lessons. Most of us got into homeschooling so we could raise balanced people. If you need help, show your children how to graciously accept the kindness of families, neighbors, and strangers. If you are in a position to give help, show your children how to do it with a servant heart.

I hope you are able to use some of these as inspiration to assist you during your homeschool journey as we all recover from what Hurricane Harvey Hurricane Harvey Beaumont, Hurricane Harvey Port Arthur, Hurricane Harvey Orange TX, hurricane Harvey Bridge City TX, Hurricane Harvey Vidor,has brought to Southeast Texas.

All of us at SETX Church Guide are wishing you and your family well during this time of healing – and education.

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