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Headed for High School by Debbie Slaughter

On today’s edition of Southeast Texas Homeschool News, we look at a highlight from Debbie Slaughter’s blog “A Million Skies”:

Well, it’s official……

My baby is no longer an elementary age kid.  Debbie Slaughter Heading for High School baby

He’s no longer a middle school kid.

He’s now a Freshman in High School and this mom has some serious growing pains going on right now!

Here are some pictures of Collin throughout his “younger” years of school. He’s been a great student (although at times HE has been the one to tell ME what he wasn’t going to learn – such as cursive!)

He worked well when he was here, next to my desk. It was a good set up for awhile, but he eventually wanted to move to a quiet place and he didn’t need my help anymore.
Debbie Slaughter Heading For High School adolescent
It’s been a busy 9 years for Collin and he’s had a lot of fun. He’s tried new things every year and become quite the talented photographer, musician, and comedian.
Although I’m sad to be entering into our last four years of school together, it’s an exciting phase of life, as well.
Collin has gone from being a rambunctious little tyke, to a fun-loving, big-hearted, God-fearing young man and I’m so proud of him!
So, Collin….when you read this…..just know that I’ve enjoyed (almost) every minute of being your mom AND your teacher (and your maid, but not that much).
Dad and I love you and are extremely proud of you and I can’t wait to see what skills you learn and what talents are uncovered, as you walk into the next 4 years!
And we will be walking right beside you, all the way.
We love you!
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We hope you’ve enjoyed today’s edition of Southeast Texas Homeschool News.
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