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 SETX Financial Ministry – Southeast Texas Christian Money Talk with Debbie Slaughter

On today’s edition of Southeast Texas Christian News, we look at the edition of Good Stewardship.

Today’s insight is shared courtesy of Debbie Slaughter, Author of the popular Texas Christian blog “A Million Skies“.

Our readers enjoy Debbie’s Takes on a wide range of issues including homeschooling, motherhood, faith, and good stewardship.

Enjoy today’s inspiration from Debbie Slaughter and “A Million Skies”.

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Don’t you just love those times in life when your money seems to be leaving your hand as fast as it comes in?   Times when  all of your vehicles need tires in the same month?   Your dog gets sick and has to have $400 worth of medical attention and your son needs an airplane ticket?  Yeah!  Good times!

It sometimes seems that money issues come in groups – to taunt you – and drain you – and make you count pennies.

Such has been our life lately!

We’ve bought more tires in the past month, than I ever remember my parents buying when I was growing up.   Then again, who was paying attention?

So anyway – I’ve had money on the brain lately.  That’s why I decided to share some money talk with you today…. just because….

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Debbie Slaughter – Money Talk

You know I’m a coupon fan but not a coupon fanatic.  I have them and when I’m not too lazy, I use them.

But, one type of coupon that I do enjoy are Extra Bucks at CVS.    They’re easy and simple (well, sort of) and I get free stuff, which I’m 100%… FOR!

Today I had $17.00 in Extra Bucks, which meant I got $17 off my purchase total.   That was exciting, considering my total was $23.65 and I only paid $7.15 (that included tax) for 2 makeup items and 2 food items, the most expensive item being $10.99!    So, I paid less than $2.00 for each item.

The key is to do at least two different transactions; buying whatever items you’ve chosen, that give Extra Bucks on the receipt.    Once you get the Extra Bucks, make your second transaction, using those as cash to purchase your goods.  (Beware that there are limits to how many EB specials you can purchase.  You have to read the fine print.)

If you’re not a CVS fan, you should at least try it a few times and learn the method of using Extra Bucks (yes, there is a method).   It really will save you money.

The other tip I wanted to share is on saving your receipts, anytime you pay with a credit card or debit card.

I know many people don’t bother to keep receipts.   This is not a good habit, unless it’s a cash transaction and you know you will never need to return the item.

However, if you pay by credit card or debit card, it’s very important to keep your receipt and compare it to the statement (I do mine online every few days), once the transaction processes through your bank.

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I’ve caught several mistakes by comparing my receipt to my statement online, just a few days after the purchase, such as being charged twice for a meal, at a local restaurant.

So, my method is to write the purchase in my check ledger,  clip the receipt to the ledger, and every few days, check my statement for any mistakes.   If the entries are all correct, I then either file the receipt, if it needs to be kept, or I toss it.

Same goes for credit card receipts.   Especially these days with buying online and fraud that goes on with clerks stealing card numbers, it’s extremely important to verify each charge, to make sure you have not been “robbed” of your hard earned money.

These seem like common sense things to do, but not everyone thinks about money or even wants to think about money.     Some people are taught these skills by parents, but some are never talked to about money, and therefore, go into adulthood and marriage, not really knowing how to keep up with their finances.

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Since I’m a control freak – I want to keep up with money and I want to control it.   It’s just how I work.

Like Dave Ramsey always says – each family has a party person and a nerd.

I’m sure you can guess which one I am.


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