Good Samaritan Fellowship Fred TX Six Man Football & Cheerleading Registration Open


It’s football time in Southeast Texas.

Six man football in Texas is becoming extremely popular, particularly with Southeast Texas Christian students.

This is a wonderful way for students to be able to experience all that high school football offers without making the moral compromises that are inherent in some systems.

If you know a Southeast Texas teen who would like to play football or to be a cheer leader in a Christian environment, consider the GSF Hornets, sponsored by Good Samaritan Fellowship in Fred, TX.

The GSF Hornets won their state conference last year and got lots of exposure for their athletes on TV, Radio, Print, and On-Line.

One great aspect of the Hornets is that they recruit football players and cheer leaders from: six man texas

  • Home School Students
  • Private School Students
  • Public School Students

If you have a student who loves football, but doesn’t want to play, the GSF Hornets are also signing up:

  • Trainers
  • Water Boys

Coach Lindy Haynes believes in coaching to help children grown into better adults.

To register your child or for more information about GSF Hornet football or cheer leading:

  • Coach Lindy Haynes

six man stadium


The GSF Hornets are a non-profit team sponsored by a small Southeast Texas church: Good Samaritan Fellowship in Fred. If you would like to donate equipment, financially, or of your time your gift would be welcome. Contact Good Samaritan Fellowship in Fred or Coach Haynes to coordinate.

Good Samaritan Fellowship Fred: (409) 429-3777

Coach Lindy Haynes:

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