Golden Triangle Chrysalis

There’s much more to this simple phrase than a catchy slogan for some religious group.  Flying with Christ is what we’ve devoted our lives to — living every day, soaring on the wings of His love.

And not just wings…  Beautiful butterfly wings!chrysalis

In Southeast Texas can be found a community of believers who work together year-round to prepare for and conduct two (one for girls, one for boys) spiritual retreat weekends in the month of June for high school aged students. These retreats follow a pattern for spiritual discovery established by the United Methodist Upper Room for people of all Christian faiths and backgrounds. Baptists, Methodists, Catholics, Pentecostals, and many other sects of Christianity are represented on these three-day weekends every year, and all have witnessed and testified of the life-changing experience they found.

Get connected with our community.  Show up to our Hoots and to an Emmaus Gathering to get a feel for what we’re all about, and we think you’ll come to see that there’s more to us than your run of the mill service organization.  Chrysalis serves not only to provide a weekend of escape from the daily struggles of an ever-busying world but to share the love a very real, very affectionate God with His children in a way that is intimate and personal.

This year, the weekends are June 20-23 for girls and June 27-30 for boys. Please visit for more information or to sign up to attend.


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