God’s Outdoors with Chester Moore Update for the Southeast Texas Christian Community

SetxChurchGuide is excited to share an update from Chester Moore and God’s Outdoors TV.Chester Moore with baby cougar

TheKingdomZoo.com: Wildlife and the Kingdom of God website is up – and this has wonderful information for Southeast Texas Christian adults and especially children.

The animal kingdom is full of many amazing, beautiful, dangerous, and mystifying creatures.

Renowned wildlife expert.and Southeast Texas Christian, Chester Moore says the world outside the body of Christ has defined that kingdom far too long.

To forward their vision for Christ-centered education in the realms of nature, Children’s Kingdom Ministries is proud to announce TheKingdomzoo.com.

“I get asked all the time why I don’t do a pure wildlife blog so it got me to thinking. Kingdomzoo.com has a blog that will be updated multiple times a week with a unique look at wildlife and also the site an exhaustive listing of my wildlife research, listings of Earth’s most extreme animals and many ways to connect with what God’s Outddoors with Chester Moore is doing for children,” Moore said.

God's Outdoors with Chester Moore 11-26-13 bobcat

The site is kid friendly but it is all for adults who have a keen interest in wildlife.

“There are no age limits to a love for wildlife and we promise the content we will put on the site on a consistent basis will be unique, timely and in-depth,” Moore said.

The ministry is currently filming season 2 of God’s Outdoors with Chester Moore which airs on GETV Saturdays at 10 a.m. Reruns are ongoing with season 2 kicking of April 5 2014.

“Subscribe to the blog to get updates directly from the field. We recently filmed with a super rare white lion cub and also one of the biggest coral snakes I have ever seen. Kingdomzoo.com is the place to see all of the photos, behind the scenes clips and announcements from God’s Outdoors with Chester Moore. We are excited to bring it to the public,” Moore said.

For more information, go to http://www.kingdomzoo.com.

This is a great resource for Southeast Texas home school groups, home school moms, Christian Schools, and anyone looking for a way to make an impact on children.

Thank-you to Chester Moore for sharing this information with the Southeast Texas Christian Community right here on SetxChurchGuide.com.

God's Outdoors with Chester Moore 11-26-13

Note: Kingdom Zoo is the official website of Children’s Kingdom Ministries and all of its outreach programs. We are a 501 c3 charity that seeks to teach children about Christ through His Creation. Our focus is on spiritual and wildlife education through media, encounter-based programs and mentoring.


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