God’s Outdoors with Chester Moore Announces 2nd Season on GETV


God’s Outdoors with Chester Moore, the popular Christ-centered wildlife series has been picked up for a second season on GETV (Global Evangelism Television/GETV.org).

“We start with season two April 5 and we are super excited. We are taking the showinto the ocean, desert and some other exciting locations where God put His amazing creative fingerprints,” said host Chester Moore.

“It’s such a tremendous honor for us to be on GETV and to be reaching people all around the globe. On season 1 we’ve had feedback from as far as The Philippineswhich has been exciting because our message is a bold one for Christ.”

God's Outdoors with Chester Moore 11-26-13

Season 1 reruns begin Dec. 7 at 10 a.m. on GETV and Moore said those who haven’t caught the show should check it out.

“It’s for all ages and we work hard to make it deeply educational as well asmotivational. You can watch in HD on your TV if you have a Roku device God's Outdoors with Chester Moore 11-26-13 bobcator streaming on the Web,” he said.

Moore who is an award-winning outdoors journalist and author and editor of Texas Fish & Game magazine has an obvious love for all kinds of creatures but wewondered what was his favorite from season 1.

“It’s hard to pick one but if I had to it would be the golden tabby Bengal tiger segment from the ‘Nature’s Mysteries & Myths’ episode. That was truly special on a personal level and one of those experiences I thank God for,” he said.

All episodes feature children but what many don’t realize is kids also work behind the scenes doing much of the camera work and volunteer at events.

“We have two teen boys doing most of the filming and a great team of kids doing our outreach events. We want to be a training center for kids to boldly proclaim Christ is the savior and Creator,” Moore said.

If anyone interested in sponsoring the show or helping with this ministry can contact Chester Moore.

E-mail cmooreoutdoors@gmail.com

Phone 409-920-2062.

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