First United Methodist Silsbee hosts “The Master’s Storyteller” 8/18 – 8/21

One Silsbee Church is honoring the art of story telling.

First United Methodist Church Silsbee is bringing “The Master’s Story Teller” for a special three day evangelism event.

If you like to be thoroughly entertained when you’re in the sanctuary, this Silsbee church has you covered.

In the early days of Christendom, far more people received the Gospel orally than by reading. Even during our lifetimes, the oral tradition has been the heart of international missions work. Even in regions where Bibles are available in the appropriate language, many people do not read.

Christ famously used stories to help people understand the heart of God.

The Master's Storyteller live at First UnitedMethodist Church Silsbee

First United Methodist Silsbee

Carrying on this tradition, Wesley Putnam “The Master’s Storyteller” began developing his narrative talent in 1979. Since then, he  has thrilled thousands by his special re-enactments of timeless Bible tales.

This is a great opportunity for Southeast Texas Christians to enjoy an entertaining evening sharing the Word.

Elijah – Southeast Texas Christians know him as a devout prophet of old, calling fire from heaven. We recognize him as an annointed miracle worker whose wonders challenged the Hebrew people to return to Yahweh. He was a rugged man of God who tuned into the small, still voice amid raging storms, massive earthquakes and balls of flame.

But what if Elijah were to show up at a Silsbee church (or any Southeast Texas church) today? What would he look like? What would he do? More importantly, how would Southeast Texas Christians respond to a living prophet “in the flesh”.

First United Methodist Silsbee Revival 2013 featuring the Master's Storyteller

The Master’s Storyteller LIVE!

Welcome to the mind of Wesley Putnam, who portrays the rugged old prophet Elijah as a Bronx cop, complete with policeman’s uniform and New York accent. “I think of Elijah as one of NIPD’s finest,” Wes says. “That’s North Israel’s Prophets Department.”

In 1979, Wesley began weaving stories for elementary-school children at a Texas church camp. To Wesley’s delight, he discovered that his narrative style captivated the youngsters (and anyone who has worked with children know that their attention resists capture!)

Soon after Wesley entered full-time evangelism, a colleague invited Wesley to visit his church. But there was a condition imposed by his friend- Wes had to perform in character.

“I thought I would be run out of the church for sacrilege,” Wes recalls.  He was the most surprised person in the room when people of all ages reacted with excitement and enthusiasm to what they heard.
Starting that week, God began using his dramas to reach kids – and and adults- with a message of His love that they could really relate to.

And God is still reaching people today through Wesley’s performances. Wesley’s dramas reach into walled hearts to show people what the Father is really like.

Don’t miss this opportunity to see Wesley live as “The Master’s Storyteller” courtesy of First United Methodist Silsbee.

first methodist silsbee logo niceAre you looking for a Silsbee church with a heart for making their revivals entertaining and unique? First United Methodist Silsbee might be the right fit for you.

I’m sure you will find the congregation welcoming should you join this Silsbee Church for “The Master’s Storyteller”.

The Master’s Storyteller at First United Methodist Silsbee Dates: 8/18 – 8/21

First United Methodist Church Silsbee Phone: (409) 385-5568

First United Methodist Church Silsbee Address: 670 N 5th St  Silsbee

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Silsbee Revival 2013 at First United Methodist Silsbee

First United Methodist Silsbee


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Thank-you to First United Methodist Silsbee for bringing this wonderful event to the Southeast Texas Christian community.



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