First Baptist Church Silsbee Quilting Fellowship Thursdays

Southeast Texas Senior MinistriesQuilting Fellowship at FBC Silsbee

Southeast Texas quilters can find friendship and Christian fellowship Thursdays at First Baptist Church Silsbee.

This Silsbee quilting fellowship is part of First Baptist Church Silsbee’s active women’s ministry.

For Southeast Texas quilters, this is more than a hobby.

Quilting is a part of our Southest Texas heritage. Something passed down from great grandmother, to grandmother, to mother.

Southeast Texas quilters also frequently design and craft special quilts for Southeast Texas church raffles and fundraisers.

If quilting is part of your heritage, check out the Silsbee Quilting fellowship at First Baptist Church Silsbee.

Quilting Southeast Texas Christian Women's fellowship

Silsbee Quilting Fellowship: Occurs Thursday of every week from 1:00 PM to 7:00 PM at First Baptist Church Silsbee

A big Southeast Texas Church Guide thank-you to First Baptist Church Silsbee and their congregation for making this wonderful fellowship opportunity available to Southeast Texas quilters.

The Silsbee Quilting Fellowship is part of the First Baptist Church Silsbee Women’s Ministry.

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