First Baptist Church Buna Presents “The Christmas Jar” December 13-15 2013



First Baptist Church of Buna will present “The Christmas Jar” as their 2013 Christmas Dinner Theater for the Buna Christian community.

First Baptist Church Buna is pastored by Paul Boughan. Brother Paul does an excellent job of transforming the churches he has pastored into true community centers.

First Baptist Buna Christmas Play 2013 The Christmas Jar

Events like this make the church somewhere the community is eager to go not only on Sunday and Wednesday, but for special events year round.

The Christmas Jar tells the story of the Broadside family.

The Broadside family has a tradition of saving change in a jar for special family vacations.  Attendees will see the family trying to decide where they will go for next year’s vacation.  As Christmas Day gets closer, the stress of choosing grows greater and greater.  Soon, “the great vacation reveal” that happens as part of their Christmas Day Celebration will be here.  This year’s reveal will have some revelations and life-changing decisions.

I’m sure we all know that the Broadside family will make a choice with a deeper meaning- but for more details we’ll have to enjoy this wonderful Buna Christmas play over dinner at First Baptist Church Buna.

First Baptist Church Buna Christmas Play 2013 The Christmas Jar


Saturday matinee’  (dessert only) — $5 each

Evening performance (dinner and dessert) — $10 each

Tickets are available at the First Baptist Buna Church office during regular business hours

They are also available at the First Baptist Buna Welcome Center before services on Wednesday and Sunday.

Click here for more information on First Baptist Church of Buna.



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