SETX Valentine’s Day Ideas – First Baptist Buna Art of Marriage Weekend February 9 – 10

SETX Valentine’s Day Ideas

First Baptist Church in Buna will host “The Art of Marriage” in February

First Baptist Church of Buna will be bringing their “Art of Marriage” event back this year.

First Baptist Buna has provided this program regularly and has received both rave reviews and many request to bring the program back.

It is wonderful when our Southeast Texas churches help not only individuals grow, but couples and families as well.

This Southeast Texas marriage ministry weekend will give couples tools to continue growing in their relationship.

marriage ministry cord of three strands

The program is from Family Life which has spent over thirty years helping married couples understand God’s design for their relationship.

This years event will be video guided on-site at First Baptist Buna. It is designed for couples of ages.

The program will use well respected pastors and Bible scholars in combination with real world stories, humorous clips, and interviews with real married couples.

The Art of Marriage will help couples apply what the Bible teaches about marriage in a powerful way.   It’s practical, funny, and straight to the heart.

Date for First Baptist Buna Art of Marriage event: Friday evening, February 9 & 10

Friday time for Art of Marriage: 6:30 – 9:30 pm

Saturday time for Art of Marriage:  8:30 am – 4:30 pm

Cost is $50 per couple

To register for First Baptist Buna’s Art of Marriage Event, click here.

Art of Marriage Weekend ScheduleFriday evening:

First Baptist Church Buna Art of Marriage

First Baptist Church Buna

6:30 Cup of gumbo/light refreshments

7:00 Welcome to The Art of Marriage!

7:15 Session 01 — Love Happens

8:15 Intermission

8:30 – 9:30 Session 02 — Love Fades

Couple project 1, pages 44 – 47, at home


8:30 Coffee, fruit, pigs-in-a-blanket, and donuts

9:00 Session 03 — Love Dances

10:00 Couple project 2. Pages 74 – 77

11:00 Session 04 — Love Interrupted

Noon Lunch provided at a romantic “Table for Two”

Couple project 3. Pages 96 – 97

1:45Session 05 — Love Sizzles

2:45 Intermission

3:00 – 4:00 Session 06 — Love Always

Reserve the remainder of the evening for your very own date night!

This Southeast Texas church truly has a heart for couples ministry. Their “Art of Marriage” weekend will be a blessing for many Southeast Texas Christian couples.


First Baptist Church Buna TX

FIrst Baptist Church Buna TX

 Art of Marriage Attendee Reviews 

Question 1:
Would you invite someone to attend The Art of Marriage if another event were hosted?
Attendees said:
 – We enjoyed our time together this weekend.  We bonded even more and it was a great experience.  I would encourage others to attend and stress that it is not just for couples that are struggling; it enhances healthy marriages also.  It will make our relationship stronger.
– Yes.  Well worth the time and effort for all ages of marriage.  I enjoyed the whole experience.  A well thought out & well executed video series.  Great facilities; hosted well.
– Absolutely!  It brings couples together and somewhat forces them to spend time together.  It helps them focus on some of the areas in their relationship that they may not have even realized needed attention!  I think most people think they’re marriage is OK but they don’t know how to make it GREAT! The Art of Marriage teaches you how to make it great!
– Definitely!  I think married couples can benefit from this no matter how long they’ve been married.The viewing experience was excellent.  The venue was perfect.  We didn’t have hotel or travel expenses which was very helpful.
– Yes.  It is very informative and will open your eyes to marital issues that may be overlooked or pushed under teh rug.
– Yes.  I really enjoyed the session.  I think all couples need time to recommit to each other and to the Lord.
– Yes, it was comfortable and MUCH better than I was expecting!
Question 2:
What were the most important things you learned from the event?
Attendees said:
– “How important time “APART” from our regular life is; time to connect with my spouse.  The set format also dictated our discussions & prompted needed conversation.  I now know of definite and specific areas to pray about and ask God to change … and for that change to be my new habit.”
– “The opportunities for the couples to communicate was great!  Will take and continue this at home.  Great refreshers on all areas of marriage!  Great avenues for self evaluation.”
– “How to better communicate & interact with my spouse and how to place God 1st in every aspect of our marriage.”
– “We have a great marriage, but want a better one.”
– “We learned how important God is in our marriage.  That we have a lot of work to do in our spiritual lives, but we are excited and thankful for this weekend!”
– “This helped me realize MANY things about my marriage that were failing or wrong.  A whole new outlook on my relationship has been achieved.  A marriage-saving event for sure!”  The Gunter Building is a great intimate place to host this event.  Thank you!  It was wonderful, and SO glad we came!!”
– “If I serve God and put Him first it will help in all aspects of my life and marriage.”

We look forward to seeing you at The Art of Marriage Weekend!

First Baptist Buna Address:1155 Texas 62  Buna

First Baptist Buna Phone: (409) 994-3517

First Baptist Church Buna on the Web

First Baptist Church Buna

First Baptist Church – Buna

Does your Southeast Texas Church have a special Southeast Texas marriage or couples ministry?

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Call to schedule a visit to your church: (512) 567-8068. We can answer your questions, share ideas, and/or get you started. We’re happy to meet with your committees or department heads as needed.

Story ideas may be e-mailed to

Are you attending the “Art of Marriage” at First Baptist Church Buna? We would love to hear about your experience.

This ministry will bless many lives and marriages.

Thank-you to First Baptist Church Buna and their congregation for making this wonderful opportunity available for Southeast Texas Christian couples.

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