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When I was a kid, my father regularly told me, “You won’t live until 40.”life balance Beaumont, Southeast Texas trauma therapy, PTSD healing Golden Triangle TX, occupational therapy Lumberton, occupational therapy SETX, OT Port Arthur,

It wasn’t the worst thing he said to me, and it was far from the worst he ever hurt me.

In its own way, the hurt was deep. I have lived past 40, but each birthday is a reminder of my father’s casual cruelty.

Childhood trauma does damage. Physical. Mental. Emotional.

Fortunately, I’ve been able to get help.

I’m stronger emotionally. Physically. Mentally.

Would you like to be stronger by your next birthday? Healthier? More in balance.

Find out more on their website: RootedTherapyandWellness.com.

Ready to talk about whether their services might be right for you or your family?

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Life can be harder than it has to be.

Take advantage of opportunities to heal and grow stronger.

You really can start healing before your next birthday.


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