Disney Junior brings Hit Pirate and Princess Adventure to Beaumont Civic Center Friday October 17th

It’s great to see Disney Junior’s hit live show “Pirate and Princess Adventure” is coming to the Beaumont Civic Center this month.

Being a Southeast Texas Christian parent, it can be hard to find entertainment we’re truly comfortable sharing with our children.

How many times have you been planning to take your child to a “kid’s” movie only to learn from another SETX Christian parent that the film is full of bad language, inappropriate behavior, or gross out humor?

Fortunately Disney Junior Live productions walk a line that even the most conservative Southeast Texas Christian parents are comfortable with – these are high quality live shows designed to be appropriate for young children while also entertaining for whole families to enjoy together.

Disney Junior Pirates and Princesses October 2014 Beaumont Texas


Disney has almost 100 years of experience in entertaining children- and the child inside adults, so the product they bring Southeast Texas families when they visit Beaumont is top notch.

The shows work in part because they incorporate characters your child is already extremely comfortable with and deliver the stories in digestible sizes.

If you’ve been looking for a fun way to introduce your child to live theater, you can’t go wrong with Disney Junior Live Pirate and Princess Adventure in Beaumont.

Disney Junior Pirates and Princesses October 2014 Beaumont Tx


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