Cornerstone Kountze VBS June 10-14

Are you looking for a big, fun Kountze VBS for 2013?

Cornerstone Baptist Church Kountze VBS will be B-I-G.

The Cornerstone Kountze congregation really goes all out to ensure the sets are beautiful and that there are lots of volunteers to provide the best possible  experience for your child.

Every Southeast Texas Christian looks for something a little different in a home church. The right music, a pastor whose message reaches you deep down in a way you can act upon, a vibrant children’s program, quality Bible study opportunities.

If you’re in the Kountze – North Lumberton area you’re probably starting to hear buzz about Cornerstone Baptist Church Kountze. Kingdom Rock Logo Blue Background 300

Their young pastor, Rusty Mott, breathes life, energy, and enthusiasm into every message.

I would imagine that some of that energy will rub off on this year’s Vacation Bible School. If you are looking for a fun VBS experience for your child in the Kountze/Lumberton area check out Cornerstone Baptist Church Kountze.

This year their Kountze VBS theme is “Kingdom Rock”.

Kingdom Rock will keep your kids inspired and entertained while they grow closer to God. At Cornerstone Baptist Church Kountze, kids attending their Southeast Texas VBS will experience God’s Word in fun and unforgettable ways! Each day, leaders reinforce one simple Bible truth–which makes it super easy for kids to remember and apply to their real lives.

Cornerstone Baptist Church Kountze Address: 277 Forrest Dr. Kountze, TX 77625

Cornerstone Baptist Church Kountze Phone (409) 246-1116

Cornerstone Baptist Church Kountze Website:

Kingdom Rock Throne







Thank-you to the Cornerstone Baptist Church Kountze congregation for all of their time and effort putting together this 2013 Kountze VBS.  Their hard work will ensure your child has a wonderful experience. Editor’s Note: We’ve been working to provide information on Southeast Texas VBS opportunities from each community. If we haven’t posted your Southeast Texas Church’s VBS yet, please e-mail us the information: 



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