Cornerstone Church Winnie College & Young Adults Schlitterbahn Trip August 9

College and Young Adult Ministry can be challenging for any Southeast Texas Church.

Young adults have lots of varied interests and more entertainment and socialization opportunities than any other age group.

Cornerstone Church Winnie has a heart for young adult ministry. Visit their church on a weekday and you’re likely to see a number of teens and young adults pitching in to prepare for an upcoming church event.

Cornerstone Winnie’s young adult and college ministry group is called “Relevant”. What a great name! It works from so many perspectives:


  • College students and young adults are “Relevant” for the growth of a church. Attracting and keeping young adults ensures decades of active
  • Relevant Feature Imagechurch membership. Some will be called to grow into deaconships, some will be called to assist with children’s and youth activities, some will be called to grow a church’s foreign missions. 
  • Church is “Relevant” for college students and young adults. How many of us wish we could get the ten years back that we spent aimlessly wandering the earth as young adults engaged in meaningless activities and denying our true potential? A church like Cornerstone Winnie can help young adults find a literal “Cornerstone” on which to build their adulthood.
  • Meeting people through church is “Relevant” for college students and young adults. Many of us can point to a friend, or group of friends, that helped us take a destructive path. The more positive people we have in our lives, the more opportunities we have to recognize the positive paths God has laid out for us.

Part of Cornerstone Church Winnie’s success with this group is coordinating events ideally targeted to this age group.

This tradition continues August 9th when Cornerstone Winnie’s “Relevant” group will head to Schlitterbahn Galveston for a day of fun and fellowship.

A day at Schlitterbahn is the kind of getaway young adults would plan for themselves, so it is nice that Cornerstone Winnie is on this same wavelength.

Cornerstone Church Winnie facade

Thank-you to Cornerstone Church Winnie and their congregation for investing in our young adults. Bringing young adults into Southeast Texas churches will pay off for the church and the community at large for decades to come.

Today’s college kids or young adult just starting to figure out who they are and what they want to be will grow into the leaders of tomorrow and will form the backbone of our Southeast Texas churches before we know it.

As another young adult, Ferris Bueller, once said “Life moves pretty fast.”

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Thank-you to all of the Southeast Texas churches who have made ministering to college students and young adults a priority for their churches.



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