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First Baptist Church of Loeb YOU Are Invited to Wednesday Fellowship Meals

Today’s featured Southeast Texas fellowship Meal is hosted by First Baptist Church of Loeb (Lumberton Tx).

First Baptist Church of Loeb offers the Hardin County Christian community a number of great fellowship events throughout the year

From musicals to Bible study groups to fellowship meals, there is always something to enjoy or inspire the Lumberton Christian Community at First Baptist Church of Loeb.

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One of their ongoing events for Hardin County families is their First Baptist Church of Loeb Wednesday night meals

They are a great chance for Lumberton families to take a night off from cooking and cleaning up the kitchen.

A fellowship meal offers the SETX Christian Community more than just a night off.

Hardin County fellowship meals are also a great opportunity to meet new people and to make new friends.

Wednesday Night Southeast Texas Fellowship Meals 

5:30 – 6:30 PM in the Welcome Center

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Cost: $3.00 per person

or $10.00 per family

Sign up at The First Baptist Loeb Office.

Take Wednesday night off to enjoy family, friends, and fellowship.

Enjoy a relaxing fellowship meal in Lumberton with the congregation of First Baptist Church of Loeb.

fellowship meal First Baptist Church of Loeb

Church event times are subject to change. Click here to confirm or for more information.

First Baptist Church of Loeb
3082 U.S. 69 in Lumberton, TX
Church office phone – (409) 755-4595

Are you looking for more great Christian fellowship events in Hardin County?

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A big SETX Church Guide thank-you to First Baptist Loeb and their congregation for making these great Southeast Texas fellowship meals available to the Golden Triangle Christian community.

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