All Saint’s Episcopal – Combining Christian Education & Technology

All Saints Episcopal School in Beaumont has launched an aggressive new technology initiative, pledging to provide iPad2 tablets to all students from kindergarten – 8th Grade by 2015.

This is similar to (but I’m sure infinitely more manageable than) an initiative announced this year by the government of India who is moving to provide tablets to their 100,000,000+ students.

The All Saints initiative kicked off this August with Middle School students (6-8th grade) each receiving their very own iPad2.

There is a goal at All Saints to aggressively transition all students out of the old “backpack full of books” daily reality for their students. Chiropractors beware.

Three major textbook companies have already committed to providing their textbooks on the iPad2.

The All Saints program has been christened by administrators, the “C4 1:1 Initiative”. C4 represents the four C’s All Saints officials feel the iPads will bring to their program: collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity.

Perhaps one of the most exciting revelations is All Saint’s commitment to prepare students for the careers of the future.

If you are looking for your children to be educated in a strong Christian environment without sacrificing cutting edge technology, consider All Saints in Beaumont.