Chester Moore & God’s Outdoors to Debut on GETV


If you are a member of Community Church Orange, you know Chester Moore. He pioneered his “God’s Outdoors” program as part of a ground breaking children’s summer ministry.

If you are a reader of Texas Fish & Game Magazine, you also know Chester Moore. He is their executive editor, long-time Saltwater editor and writes on topics ranging from flounder fishing to duck hunting to getting kids involved in the outdoors.

All of Chester Moore’s passions come together in his television show “God’s Outdoors with Chester Moore” which is set for it’s nationwide debut.

Chester Moore with baby cougar

Lions, tigers,bears, and Chester Moore are coming to GETV (

Add to that alligators, kangaroos, cougars and a host of other wild creatures and you start to get a picture of the network’s newest program.

God’s Outdoors with Chester Moore” begins airing Saturdays at 10 a.m. on Aug. 31st, giving kids and kids at heart a unique way to learn about the Lord.

“The goal of the program it to teach about the Creator through His Creation and we do just that by taking the viewer on not only a journey through the wild side but the pages of the Bible,” host Chester Moore said.

“Many people do not realize how deeply embedded God put example of His Creation in Scripture and we have worked hard to bring to light things in the wild that give Him glory and make His Word came alive.”

A prime example is an upcoming episode that features a segment on unicorns inthe Bible. Yes, unicorns.

“Unicorns are in scripture and although they are most likely not the horned horses of mythology, we dig into history and nature to show an animal alive today that is very likely the source of this reference,” Moore said.

Another deals with fear, a subject near and dear to Moore who is a children’s minister at his home church, Community Church Orange.

“I deal with kids on a weekly basis who are gripped by fear in powerful ways. One of the episodes has me searching out a giant specimen of one of the country’s most dangerous snakes and along the way we confront fear in a way that not only kids but adults will understand as well.”

Fans of Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom and the late Steve Irwin’s “The Crocodile Hunter” will enjoy the program.

“Through my travels and experiences on wild grounds around the globe my Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ has been strengthened. I am deeply honored to be a part of the GETV family and have God’s Outdoors with Chester Moore broadcasting to families around the world,” he said.

Moore has won more than 100 awards for his writing, broadcasting and photography of nature and has traveled the world in pursuit of the most beautiful and mysterious creatures.

“ is excited to partner with the one and only Chester Moore to bring his exciting, informative, and inspirational program to the viewers of our network,” said Pastor Matthew Hagee.

“If you love the outdoors, learning more about the glory of Almighty God in creation and having fun, you’ll love Gods Outdoors with Chester Moore.”

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For more information on Chester Moore’s home church, Community Church Orange, visit their website.

To find out more about GETV and their lineup, visit GETV.Org.

Help your child merge their love for the Great Outdoors and their love for Jesus Christ.

Join them in viewing an upcoming episode of Gods Outdoors with Chester Moore.


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