Building a church in Southeast Texas? Get your new church sign from County Sign and Awning

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With an excellent design team and experienced installation crews, County Sign will create the “just right” sign for your church.

For many Golden Triangle and East Texas churches, the sign out by the road that greets potential visitors as they zip by on the way to work each morning is the first impression you make.

Do you greet them with a Bible passage, an invitation to a Wednesday night supper, or information about your children’s ministry?

There are a lot of church signage options available today.

A traditional church sign lets you change the message weekly by hand announcing your Wednesday fellowship meal, your Vacation Bible School, or welcoming home a local veteran.

Digital signs let you regularly change your message as well. They also let you run multiple messages at the same time. Rather than choosing a single message for the week, you could rotate through all of the above with a digital message.

Information that does not change regularly – pastor, worship times, phone number, can be added to the sign above or below the digital display.

What kind of church sign best meets the needs (and budget) of your East Texas or Golden Triangle congregation?

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Schedule a meeting with County Sign and Awning and they will help you choose the right sign for your need and your budget.

  • County Sign and Awning, Serving Churches Across the Golden Triangle and East Texas

  • For assistance with your new church sign in East Texas (Nacogdoches, Jasper, Zavalla, Lakes Area): 936-635-6552.

  • To start the design and installation of your new sign in the Golden Triangle, call: (409) 246-8448

Click here to learn about County Sign and Awning and the way they assist Golden Triangle churches and businesses.

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We hope today’s feature, Building a church in Southeast Texas? Get your new church sign from County Sign and Awning, was helpful.

Are you looking for more SETX church construction vendors that can help you?

Stay tuned.

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Thank you to the staff of County Sign and Awning – we appreciate the opportunity to learn more about how you work with Southeast Texas churches.

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