Bridge City VBS: Athens July 28- August 1

Are you looking for a fun Bridge City Vacation Bible School for your children? Athens VBS Stage

Second Baptist Church Bridge City has you covered as they present “Athens”.

Imagine leaving a life of privilege and power to face angry mobs, painful imprisonment, and chain-breaking earthquakes—all to spread the life-changing truth of God’s love. Learn the jaw-dropping story of the Apostle Paul straight from Paul himself! In an ancient “anything goes” culture, Paul will inspire kids to share the truth of God’s immeasurable love today!

Second Baptist Church Bridge City will bring these concepts to life in a fun and educational manner for your children. Kids and adults travel in small groups, called an Oikos (Greek for “household”)—each named after one of the early churches visited by Paul. At the end of the day, each Oikos gathers for surprising object lessons that help kids see how the daily Bible verse connects to everyday life.

What: Bridge City Vacation Bible SchoolAthens VBS Bannner

Dates:July 28 through August 1

Where: Second Baptist Church, Bridge City.

Time: 6-8 pm each evening.


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