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“He Steadies my Heart” by Jo Moody

Southeast Texas Christian Inspiration – He Steadies my heart by SETX Christian blogger Jo Moody.

We welcome back guest blogger Jo Moody this week sharing a classic blog that provides a message of encouragement to Southeast Texas Christian women. 

I am blessed by what my LORD has done for me. He has just kept pouring out His love all over me even when I just wanted to sit and sulk.

There have been a lot of challenges these past few weeks, from small mishaps and set backs to huge disappointment and a down right crisis. women's ministry multi culti

One of these crises really blew me away, but God has been so present right there with me steadying my heart and keeping my focus on Him and not the negative circumstances.

My enemy has not wasted any time and has sent his darts by using “mean” hurtful people to salt the wound…. and immediately, God counters by literally putting someone who had GRACE written all over them to encourage me or to just let me lay my head down on their shoulder and cry. THIS IS THE GOD I LOVE!!!

I have been studying Ephesians with some down right fantastic ladies for a few weeks. We have been on a journey through this study learning deeper about Spiritual Warfare and the tactics our enemy uses to thwart our focus. Each time, he throws a blow meant to tear us down, Our Ancient of Days is there to knock him out of the way and pick us up to continue pressing on. Think of the prize at the end of our race. Makes my heart pitter patter all over the place!!

Not one time are we told we won’t battle. Not one time are we told we will have it easy. Not one time are we told to give up! Ephesians tells us to “take up the full armor of God so that you may be able to resist in the evil day, having done everything to stand firm.” STAND FIRM! HOLD FAST! If we were not going to struggle, then why would we need to know how to stand? We will have battles, we will have warfare. WE DO HAVE THE VICTORY! Satan appears to win at times, doesn’t he? Well, if you are a child of the KING, he can’t defeat you! He thought he had won when the stone rolled in front of the tomb…..wow….3 days later, he knew he was outdone! AMEN!!

I know that there are so many of us with these enemy attacks looming and jabbing. I know we will have those until Jesus comes for us. The Hope of Glory that lines my heart, steadies my heart is the only constant immovable love that causes me to stand and face the same direction, because I am keeping my eye on the “author and perfecter” of my faith. He inspires me, literally inspires me to not look back, but to keep my mind and my eyes on the forever He has waiting for me. So, I am pressing on.

I am praying for all of you and praying that you can see the “Light that shines in dark places”. Keep your head up. He is coming back for us!

Finally, be strong in the LORD and in the strength of His might” Ephesians 6:10

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We hope you have enjoyed today’s feature article Southeast Texas Christian Inspiration “He Steadies my Heart” by SETX Christian blogger Jo Moody.

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