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Southeast Texas churches come in every size, shape, and denomination. I have a friend who moved to Southeast Texas from up North observe that their seemed to be a church on every corner. He isn’t quite right of course. Some corner host two Southeast Texas churches.

Some of the finest Southeast Texas churches are a reflection of their communities. The building, the pastor, the sermons, the music, and the church’s ministries reflect the community and the congregation.

First Baptist Spurger is an example of this kind of church. While not a large church building by Beaumont or Nederland standards, the First Baptist Spurgerchurch is probably the second largest building complex in town, after the Spurger ISD complex. There is comfortable room in the sanctuary for Sunday and Wednesday attendees. Maybe it’s a little crowded at major holidays, but just about right on “any given Sunday”. First Baptist Spurger has a large fellowship hall that hosts basketball games, community meals, wedding receptions, and many of the community’s larger gatherings.  The service is contemporary Baptist and can be enjoyed by seniors and digested by teens. Missionaries have gone forth from First Baptist Spurger to help those in Southeast Texas and to the corners of the earth – Russia, Belize, Alaska.

First Baptist Church Spurger is the kind of place that attracts good pastors and that keeps them for many years until they are inevitably called to churches in larger communities.

Currently, First Baptist Church Spurger is looking for an Associate Pastor.

One of the primary responsibilities is leading the youth (grades 7-12). Spurger is a great place to be involved with the youth. First Baptist Church Spurger’s fellowship hall and regular community fellowship opportunities bring a lot of youth to the church. If your calling is to make an impact in the lives of Southeast Texas youth, this could be an ideal opportunity.

Another primary responsibility is assisting with missions, here in Southeast Texas and overseas. For a church in a smaller community, First Baptist Church Spurger has a rich history of making a meaningful impact in the missions field. Members have built churches across Southeast Texas, built churches across the country and in foreign countries, helped with local orphanages and orphanages abroad,   been involved in prison ministries here in Southeast Texas, and have been part of disaster relief efforts locally, regionally, and internationally.

An associate pastor at First Baptist Spurger is a valued member of the community. People know who you are. They will help you in your ministry and will be appreciative of the way you help them in theirs. You will have the support of the community and the partnership of other area churches.

Everything in life is about finding the right balance, the right fit.

Are you being called to be the next associate pastor at First Baptist Spurger?

First Baptist Spurger Address: 12676 Farm to Market 92 Spurger, TX 77660

First Baptist Church Spurger Phone: (409) 429-3116

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