2015 Bridge City Tx VBS Calendar – “Weird Animals” Coming to St. Paul United Methodist Church June 15-18

Orange County Christian families are looking for 2015 Southeast Texas VBS Calendars, and SETX Church VBS Calendar Bridge City TxGuide is here to help.

Are you searching for a fun filled 2015 Bridge City VBS your child will enjoy?

St. Paul United Methodist will bring to life “Weird Animals” VBS June 15-18.

This will be an evening Vacation Bible School program for Orange County Tx, often the best fit for families with two working parents.

Crazy animals will be everywhere in this 2015 Bridge City Vacation Bible School program – lots of fun combined with learning about Christ’s love.

There are lots of entertaining activities, songs, and the Bible message “Jesus Loves You” comes through in each activity.

Your child will learn that even when they feel left out, different, afraid, and even when they do something they know is wrong, Jesus still loves them.

This message Biblical message can be especially uplifting and comforting to children, who may feel alienated from others in some way.

2015 VBS Orange County Tx

There is a strong message of inclusion and of adopting a Christ like love and acceptance of other people – developing an ideal ability to see the good in everyone (a blessing).

This is a really nice Southeast Texas Vacation Bible School Program that has already earned encouraging reviews from other SETX churches and their congregations.

During the “KidVid Cinema” portion of this 2015 Bridge City Vacation Bible School program, your child will learn about people who have special difficulties that cause them to feel “weird.”

A Bible verse will accompany each video to help children remember that Jesus loves them  – relating to that day’s message.

Vacation Bible School Bridge City Tx

2015 Southeast Texas VBS Season is here.

If you’re looking for a fun Vacation Bible School in Bridge City Tx, Weird Animals VBS at St. Paul United Methodist is a great option.

  • “Weird Animals” VBS Bridge City Tx
  • Paul United Methodist Church
  • June 15 – 18
  • 5:30p – 8:30p
  • 1155 West Roundbunch in Bridge City Tx (just a little North of town)
  • Paul United Methodist Church Bridge City Office Phone (409) 735.554

Registration for this 2015 Bridge City VBS is open now – call or come by the St. Paul church office with questions, for more information, or to sign your child up for a fun Bridge City Tx VBS.

Vacation Bible School Times Bridge City Tx

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