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Christian Schools in Beaumont – St. Anthony Cathedral School

Catholic Schools Beaumont TX – St. Anthony’s Offers Kindergarten – 8th Grade The Golden Triangle, under the Diocese of Beaumont, has a strong network of Southeast Texas Catholic schools. One of our core missions on SetxChurchGuide.com site this summer is providing information on Southeast Texas Christian schools and about home schooling in Southeast Texas. The goal […]

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Christian Business Directory – Southeast Texas Aerobic and Septic

Southeast Texas Aerobic and Septic Serving Silsbee, Woodville, Wildwood, Spurger, and Jasper Do you value working with local Christian businesses? Southeast Texas Aerobic and Septic is ready to assist you with design, testing, installation, and repair of both aerobic and conventional septic systems. Owner John Sheffield has served as a music minister, with Baptist disaster […]

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Fighting the Urge to Merge “Embracing the Single Life” Part 1: SETX Abstinence Support

Abstinence Ministry Southeast Texas Armed and Virtuous Ministries Abstinence is hard. For Southeast Texas parents, talking about abstinence with our children seems just as hard some days. We’re sharing a three part series from April Anderson and Southeast Texas Abstinence Ministry Armed and Virtuous. Join SETX Church Guide over the next three weeks for “Embracing […]

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Pearl Harbor Day Southeast Texas

Pearl Harbor Day Southeast Texas Today Southeast Texas remembers Pearl Harbor Day. The United States of America has long been a nation reluctant to go to war but honor bound to fight for principles and human rights. Join SETX Church Guide in taking a moment of silence to remember all of those who lost their lives […]

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Leftovers from your Southeast Texas Thanksgiving?

Putting SETX Thanksgiving Leftovers to Good Use Another Southeast Texas Thanksgiving is coming to a close – fellowship, fun, family – and FOOD. Whew! That was a lot of food. Ummm… Looking around the kitchen, it’s STILL a lot of food. All of it still perfectly good and delicious, but more than I want to […]

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This Thanksgiving, at SETX Sewer and Septic, we’re thankful for you.

Thank YOU from Southeast Texas Aerobic and Septic Thanksgiving is important. We appreciate all of our blessings from God, from family, and from you, our clients. Being able to work for you is a privilege. We do our best to earn your trust and your recommendation to friends and neighbors. Working with local businesses like […]

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Southeast Texas Thanksgiving Leftovers Make Great Fellowship Opportunities

Thanksgiving Fellowship Southeast Texas – Get the most out of your leftovers this year.  This Thanksgiving, Southeast Texas Christians have a great fellowship opportunity. Instead of getting “bored” with your left owners, turn them into fun & easy (the food is all prepared!) opportunities to fellowship with neighbors and Southeast Texas church members. Some common ideas […]

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Thanksgiving Thoughts from Rooted Therapy and Wellness

Thanksgiving Blessings to You and Your Family  from Rooted Therapy and Wellness in Beaumont For your family, Thanksgiving is a joyous time. They eat all they can (and perhaps more than they should). They throw around the football, watch a lot of football, and maybe make it out to the lake or the deer woods. […]

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Happy Thanksgiving from US Lawns of East Houston

Happy Thanksgiving from US Lawns of East Houston We wish all of our East Houston churches and congregations a wonderful Thanksgiving. Enjoy quality time with your family. Each year comes with some tough times, but we all have a lot to be thankful for. To start with, we are thankful for you. US Lawns of […]

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